Larch Hikes


Spectacular yellows & golds. WonderFall hiking.  Let us guide you around the breathtaking, Larch covered Rockies.  Enjoy the photos below as shared through #mybanff by visitors just like you.

Larch Valley

Larch Valley / Sentinel Pass

11.6 km return ● 725 m Elev Gain ● 4 - 5 hours ● Moderate ● Trailhead: Moraine Lake Parking Lot

Remarkable views of the Ten Peaks ● Dreamlike vista of Paradise Valley ● Spectacular in autumn

This hike is best enjoyed mid-week to avoid excessive crowds.  Catch a free Parks Canada shuttle from the overflow parking located 5.5 km east of Lake Louise on the Trans-Canada Highway each weekend during Lake Louise WonderFall.

Photo Credit: @rockieschick22

Girl Lake Agnes

Lake Agnes Teahouse

6.8 km return ● 385 m Elev Gain ● 2.5 - 3 hours ● Moderate ● Trailhead: The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Historic teahouse ● Tea and fresh pie ● Beautiful waterfall ● Top of Big Beehive leads to views of the Bow Valley and Lake Louise

Photo Credit: @rockieschick22

Plain of Six Glaciers

Plain of Six Glaciers

10.6 km return ● 365 m Elev Gain ● 4 hours ● Moderate ● Trailhead: The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Expansive views of Lake Louise, Mt. Lefroy, Mt. Victoria & Victoria Glacier ● Tea House with great ambiance ● Enjoyed for over 8 decades! ● Quick side-trip to Abbot Pass Viewpoint

Photo Credit: @lucianorotella


Saddleback Pass / Mt. Fairview

7.4 km return ● 595 m Elev Gain● 3 - 4 hours ● Challenging ● Trailhead: The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Exceptional views of 11,000 ft Mt. Temple ● Stunning gold shimmer of alpine larches ● Scramble ● Birds – eye view of Lake Louise

Photo Credit: @rockieschick22

Taylor Lake

Taylor Lake

6.3 km one way ● 585 m Elev Gain ● 4 - 5 hours ● Difficult ● Trailhead: Taylor Creek Day-use area 8 km west of Castle Junction on the south side of the Trans-Canada Highway

Thick forest ● Subalpine meadows ● Classic glacial lake ● Side trip O’Brien Lake

Photo Credit: @fiioonna


Boulder Pass

Boulder Pass

8.6 km one way ● 640 m Elev Gain ● 2.5 hours ●Difficult ● Trailhead: Fish Creek parking area, off Whitehorn Road, 3 km north of Lake Louise

A world dotted with lakes ● Inviting alpine meadows ● Strong sense of remoteness

Photo Credit: @Travis Perry 

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley & Giant Steps

10.9 km one way ● 385 m Elev Gain ● 7 - 8 hour ● Difficult ●Trailhead: Paradise Valley parking lot

Inhale great views of Mount Temple ● Dramatic surroundings ● Rewarding waterfall

Photo Credit: @thedouze

Arnica lake

Arnica or Twin Lakes

5.1km or 8 km one way ● 580 m or 715 m Elev Gain ● 5 - 7 hours ● Difficult ● Trailhead: Vista Lake Viewpoint on Highway 93 South, 8 km west of Castle Junction

Lose elevation before you gain ● Canopy of larch trees ● Continental Divide guides you ● Spot a moose

Photo Credit: @arielview

Bow Summet Lookout

Bow Summit Lookout

2.9 km one way ● 245 m Elev Gain ● 2.5 hours ● Easy ● Trailhead : Peyto Lake parking lot

Hike beyond Peyto Lake viewpoint ● Self-guided nature trail ● Old fire road ● Watch for pikas, marmots & ptarmigans

Photo Credit: @ajlepp


Bow Glacier Falls

9 km return ● 155 m Elev Gain ● 2 - 4 hours ● Moderate ●

Trailhead: 400 m down the Num-Ti-Jah Lodge access road

Huge reward, easy hike ● Falls that cling off a cliff ● Trail follows stunning shores of Bow Lake ● Staircase up & over a canyon ● Large boulders

Photo Credit: @trevordingman

Helen Lake

Helen Lake / Dolomite Pass

12 km return ● 455 m Elev Gain ● 4 hours ●Moderate ●Trailhead: Across Crowfoot Glacier Viewpoint

Steady forest hike ● Alpine wonderland ● Rockies’ best lunch spots ● Extend your hike from Helen Lake to Dolomite Pass ● Greeted by impressive pyramid of Mt. Assiniboine

Photo Credit: @takumi0929

For more information about the trails, inquire at the Lake Louise Visitor Centre for the Lake Louise Day Hiking brochure or visit Parks Canada. For information on the trails at the top of the scenic sightseeing chairlift at the Lake Louise Gondola, visit the Wildlife Interpretive Centre at the Lake Louise Gondola, Restaurant and Interpretive Centre.

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