Traffic Delays, Road Closures & ROAM Transit


Parking will be available throughout the Town of Banff. Find Banff parking information here.

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Road Closures & Traffic Delays 

June 12th – 15th

  • Please expect traffic delays and detour routes throughout Banff National Park.
  • Please expect some re-routing, stop changes and schedule delays of the ROAM Bus.

Thursday, June 12th - 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Please be advised of traffic pattern changes of Buffalo Street, between Otter Street & St. Julien Way:

  • Buffalo Street from Otter Street to St. Julien Way will be accessible to ascending vehicles only.
  • The descending lane will be closed to all traffic. Traffic will be re-routed to St. Julien Way or Tunnel Mountain Drive. 

Friday, June 13th - 9:30am - 1:00pm

  • Please expect cyclists and traffic delays along the Bow Valley Parkway 1A from Lake Louise to Banff.

Saturday, June 14th - 10:00am - 11:00pm

**Vermilion Lakes Road will be closed from 7:00am - 11:00am.

  • The following roads will be CLOSED to vehicle traffic and there will be NO STREET PARKING along the course from 10:00am until 11:00pm:
    • Banff Avenue, 200 & 300 blocks
    • Banff Avenue, north bound lane, 400 block
    • Wolf Street and Moose Street between Banff Avenue and Beaver Street 
    • Beaver Street between Wolf Street and Moose Street
  • Please use Muskrat Street and Lynx Street as alternate routes.

Sunday, June 15th - 7:00am - 2:30pm

  • The following roads will be CLOSED to vehicle traffic:
    • Beaver Street between Wolf Street and Elk Street 
    • Beaver Street between Moose Street and Elk Street will be open to local traffic only.
    • Tunnel Mountain Drive
    • Laneway next to cemetery between Buffalo Street and Wolverine Street

ROAM Transit: Saturday, June 14

ROAM Transit Detour Route Map

  • The 100 Block of Banff Ave will be used for routes 1,2,and 4.
  • Route 1 (Sulphur Mountain Route) will be detoured along the length of Muskrat Street from/to Caribou Street.
  • Route 2 (Tunnel Mountain Route) will be detoured along Muskrat street from Wolf Street to Caribou Street.
  • Route 3 (Banff-Canmore Regional Route) will be detoured onto NB Moose Street, then EB on Marten Street circling back to Banff Ave.
  • Route 4 (Cave and Basin Route) will be detoured EB along Buffalo Street, up Muskrat Street then back over to Banff Ave via Caribou Street.

Share the Parkway: February 28 - June 24

Parks Canada is asking all travelers, including cyclists, to refrain from traveling on the Bow Valley Parkway between Johnston Canyon and the parkway's east entrance off the Trans Canada Highway between 6pm and 9am. As the Bow Valley Parkway traverses some of the best wildlife habitat in Banff National Park, this voluntary closure works to create traffic-free periods for sensitive wildlife at this time of year.

Driver’s Etiquette: Sharing the road with bicycles

  • Drivers of motor vehicles must treat bicycle riders the same as drivers of other motor vehicles.
  • Special care must be used near bicyclists because any accident with them will probably result in serious injury.
  • Automobile drivers must leave safe passing room.
  • Bicyclists can legally move to the left lane to turn left, to pass another vehicle or bicycle, or to avoid debris or parked cars.
  • Bicyclists may have to swerve to avoid a car door suddenly opening, Expect any of these moves by bicyclists in a main traffic lane.
  • When the lane is too narrow to pass a bicyclist safely, wait until the next lane is clear and give the bicyclist all the rights of any other slow moving vehicle.
  • A motorist parked at a curb must not open a door on the traffic side of a vehicle without looking for other vehicles, including bicycles.
  • Don't honk at bicyclists. Loud noise may startle the bicyclist and cause them to move into the lane of traffic.

Cyclist Etiquette

  • Racers are required to abide by all traffic laws and the Alberta Highways Safety Act and at no time are allowed to cross the centre line for any reason.
  • Riders must stay as far to the right or on the shoulder as practical.
  • There is the possibility that tourist traffic may accidentally enter the rolling enclosure. Please be aware when riding at all times.
  • There is a high probability of wildlife encounters along the course – should you notice wildlife on the road please 1) slow down, 2) give as wide a berth as safely possible, 3) do not intentionally startle the wildlife, 4) proceed with caution. Wildlife has the right of way
  • You are in a tourist area, where people are easily distracted, please be patient and aware at all times.