Geocaching is often described as a 'game of high-tech hide and seek'. Discover Banff National Park through geocaching. Fun for the entire family.

We've launched a five piece geocache circuit as an interactive way to discover extraordinary places within Banff National Park.   We're taking a closer look at the all important element of water, how it has ebb and flowed through the Park for centuries and how important it is to the ecosystems around us. After all, it is the main composition of snow and we're all about celebrating anything related to winter!  Test your skill by finding one or all of our geocaches! The first 100 people to find all 5 of the caches will be rewarded with a collectible coin.  Caches will be available to find up until April 13th!

Up for a fun and engaging challenge?  Seek out all 5 SnowDays geocaches and reap the reward! Head to and search for all 5 SnowDays 2015 Geocaches. Download a SnowDays Geocaching Postcard or pick up one up at the Banff Visitor Information Centre before your journey.  We'll provide the tools for you to fill out your postcard with all 5 geocache location secret words. Once you've gone to all five geocache locations and filled up your SnowDays Postcard, you've earned yourself a SnowDays collector coin.  Then stop by the Banff Lake Louise Tourism desk at the Banff Visitor Information Centre to collect your special coin.  Last step, give yourself a pat on the back for successfully seeking out all 5 geocaches!!  Way to go!

Links to geocaches 1 through 5 are available so get started today!  

SnowDays 2015 - 1 of 5 Banff Under Water

SnowDays 2015 - 2 of 5 Banff Under Water

SnowDays 2015 - 3 of 5 Banff Under Water

SnowDays 2015 - 4 of 5 Banff Under Water

SnowDays 2015 - 5 of 5 Banff Under Water

Other important Information to note:

Banff Visitor Information Centre-Open everyday from 9:00am-5:00pm.  Located at 224 Banff Avenue.

We do not use trade-style caches within the national park so please DO NOT add new items to the caches.

Get out and have fun!  You never know what secrets you may discover on your geocaching journey through Banff National Park.


*Geocaching event schedule subject to change without notice