Carving Teams


Meet the Teams of the 2014 International Ice Carving Competition! 

Don't forget to place your vote Sunday January 19th from 11am - 2pm, for the People's Choice Award. 

Chris & Victor
Chris Foltz, USA
Victor Dagatan, Philippines

Team GB Manx to Mackem
Darren Jackson, UK
Stephanie Quayle Jackson, UK

Baisas Brothers
Ross Baisas, Philippines
Antonio Baisas, Philippines

Krusty Ice
Rusty Cox, Canada
Ken Harper, Canada

Ice Art of Sakha
Fedor Markov, Russia
Sargylana Markova, Russia

Alexey Andreev, Russia
Egor Stepanov, Russia

Scott & Ben
Scott Harrison, Canada
Ben Rand, USA

Dean Murray, USA
Chan Kitburi, USA

French Castor
Jean Charles Lemoy, France
Michel Dardaine, France

Brice & Brice Ice Sculptures
Steve Brice, USA
Heather Brice, USA