Carving Teams


Meet the Teams of the 2015 International Ice Carving Competition! 

Don't forget to place your vote Sunday January 17th from 11am - 3pm, for the People's Choice Award. 

Team Kitburi
Kla Kitburi, Thailand
Chan Kitburi, USA

aRTe Ice Carving Team NZ
Roger Thompson, New Zealand
Magda Walker, New Zealand

Team Chris & Victor
Chris Foltz, USA
Victor Dagatan, Philippines

Dean Murray, USA
Michael Stoddart, USA

Team Scott & Kee
Kee Gawah, Sweden
Scott Harrison, Canada

Vahe Tokmajyan, Canada
Zareh Nercissian, Canada

Crushed Ice
Mike Mackasey, Canada
Norm Flann, Canada

Double Dutch Trouble
Wilfred Stijger, The Netherlands
Edith Van de Wetering, The Netherlands

Alexey Andreev, Russia
Egor Stepanov, Russia

Ice Art of Siberia
Fedor Markov, Russia
Stepan Kulichkin, Russia