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Our home is your home. Which – at least while you are here – means that you’ll have access to everything residents of Banff and Lake Louise enjoy, whether it’s the bowling alley, skateboard park and waterslides for the children, or simply a park to throw the Frisbee around in.

Drink in the flavour of our community, drop in at our gyms, yoga studios and swimming pools, or just smile and wave back if you see us on the local biking trails, jogging paths or walking routes. We also welcome you to share our superior hospitals, favourite doctors and dentists, social services, public library, and the ice skating rink. For a detailed contact list of municipal services and facilities available to visitors and residents visit the Town of Banff website.

The close-knit communities of Banff and Lake Louise take pride in being real, functional mountain towns with the kind of amenities necessary for a certain quality of life. You’ll be able to find and lawyer, and accountant and even a coin laundry if you need one. There are hairdressers, walk-in medical clinics, or auto mechanics, depending on what needs fixing. Ask anyone who lives here, they’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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