Many Banff and Lake Louise residents originally moved to the area to work in the tourism industry. And quite a few have never left.

Some new arrivals may have started as the dishwasher, but they now own the restaurant. Others worked summers ‑ hiked and canoed to their heart’s content - then finished university, only to return to Banff National Park to pursue their careers.

In the winter, the ski resorts are positively bursting with young people from all over the world who flock here every year to ski and snowboard on the wide open slopes of the Canadian Rockies. Many employers provide affordable accommodation for their staff, others kick in free skiing as a perk. There are plenty of training opportunities in the hospitality industry and great potential for career advancement. The Banff Lake Louise Hotel and Motel Association has a special site for helping prospective employees find out about working in Banff National Park.

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