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Events, Events & More Events

Looking for some space-fillers for your blog, paper or magazine? Check out the handy dandy Banff and Lake Louise Events Calendar for the latest on what’s happening in the park, at the ski hills and in the communities of Banff and Lake Louise throughout the year.

One Stop Ski Shop

With three world-class ski resorts and the destination of choice to kick off the annual World Cup Downhill races, Banff National Park continues to be a ski and snowboard mecca for powder-hounds and snow seekers the world over. As such, visitors can rest assured that all the latest and greatest gear is available once they arrive in Canada’s protected playground. Share the details of where to shop for all the latest alpine accessories with your readers!

Hot Tub Heaven

Like toques and red canoes, the tradition of hot-tubbing after a day of fun-filled winter activity is as Canadian as it gets. From roof top tubs to luxury health clubs, Banff and Lake Louise have an eclectic array of soothing soakers. Compare them - and then share them - with your audience! Contact our media team for more information and images.

Alberta Beef, Bison and Elk

Canadian Rocky Mountain Cuisine has come to be defined by Alberta’s renowned triple AAA beef and, more recently, by responsibly farmed bison and elk. Delectable dishes featuring these fine meats are found at many of Banff National Park’s best eateries. Discover the many ways to prepare these great cuts and why Banff is recognized by TripAdvisor as Alberta’s culinary capital.

Souvenir Solutions

Whether you find it delightful or drudgery, all travelers bear the burden of returning home from holiday with memorable mementos for themselves or loved ones. Banff National Park has no shortage of gift solutions for souvenir seekers and many of them are unique to the destination. Why not provide your audience with a list of the perfect trinkets to tote home? Contact us for the latest and greatest on marvelous mementoes.

Banff Farmer’s Market

Every Wednesday throughout the summer in Banff, purveyors of locally made art and regionally-sourced produce gather beside the town of Banff’s central park to pedal their wares to residents and visitors alike. If you’re featuring a list of outdoor markets worthy of a wander, be sure to include this Rocky Mountain regular that guarantees you won’t walk away empty-handed. Check out this video all about the Banff Farmer’s Market.

Local Loves

When Robert Frost declared in 1916 that his choice to take the road less traveled had made all the difference, we’re quite sure he must have had some local knowledge that led to his famous decision! There’s nothing better than exploring a destination with some local insight tucked safely away in your pocket planner. The communities of Banff and Lake Louise harbour many long-term alpine addicts who love to impart their private park passions with passersby. Share locals’ top tips with readers…just contact us and we’ll let you in on a few secrets!

A Destination Fit for a Queen

As the Commonwealth of Nations celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee this year, Canadians look back at the royal legacy that extends through our own history. The Royal Family has a storied history in Banff National Park with many of its members having visited Canada’s first national park. In this year of royal revelry, why not feature a retrospective on the princes, princesses and monarchs, including newlyweds William and Kate, who’ve graced the world’s finest national park with their presence?

Cave & Basin

The Cave & Basin National Historic Site, the birthplace of Canada’s National Parks System, is presently undergoing a renovation and will reopen to the public in May 2013. The refurbishment project involves a major redevelopment of the important historical site to re-connect it with the local community, offer exciting new programming and events, install new exhibits, and strengthen the protection of the site’s cultural and natural resources. We can provide you with details about the new, innovative and modern facility for publication or arrange for you to join the media reception planned for the winter reopening.

Wonderful Waterfalls

Niagara Falls in eastern Canada is of such a scale that it tends to steal the limelight of all the other tumbling tributaries in the country. Banff National Park, however, is home to dozens of beautiful waterfalls that not only mesmerize our summer visitors but are also climbable in winter! Not many resources exist that highlight these less-glorified but equally awe-inspiring natural wonders. The story of waterfalls in Banff National Park is an untold and hidden gem that includes the role of water flow along the continental divide.

Camping 101

Parks Canada has developed programs for teaching new Canadians all about camping. The “Learn to Camp” program teaches first-time campers the basics of setting up a tent, keeping a campsite safe from bears, and building a secure campfire. In addition, new campers will discover the cultural and natural heritage of Banff National Park by participating in the Parks Canada Xplorers Program, taking a guided hike, and joining a fireside chat and campfire sing-along with performance group “The Wardens”. Introducing new Canadians to the basics of wilderness camping could be a fun and useful feature for many readers.