Explorer Quotient

In the continuing quest to better understand today’s modern travelers, Canada's national tourism marketing organization, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), has adopted a new marketing approach that goes beyond traditional demographics targeting. By building on conventional demographics that consider age, gender, income, geography and education of target markets, the CTC has delved deeper into the psyche of travelers to consider the emotional and psychological traits that influence and motivate people to visit a particular destination. The result of their years of research is the Explorer Quotient® (EQ).

As media, you can also use EQ to better understand your audience and the types of stories, adventures and topics that appeal to them. Of the nine types of travelers identified by the CTC, Banff Lake Louise Tourism has identified three – Free Spirits, Authentic Experiencers and Cultural Explorers – as key EQ targets for our destination. We recognize that these three types of travelers represent those with whom our products, services and stories resonate most.

In the same way that these consumers define our marketing approach, we encourage media to consider the types of readers that define their approach to story-telling. The Explorer Quotient can be used to increase readership and visibility of your story and coverage by allowing you to tailor your work towards a known audience or, conversely, to find the perfect audience for your existing story.

To discover what type of traveler you are, and to better understand what type of travelers are reading and viewing your articles, take the brief EQ quiz here