Top Ten Romantic Things To Do in Banff National Park

Imagine cuddling tight with your sweetie as you ride on a horse drawn sleigh along the shores of Lake Louise. The snow falls softly around you as you sip a hot chocolate and stay warm under a wool blanket. A candlelit dinner awaits you inside - warm, rich Swiss cheese fondue paired with a cool glass of champagne. Share a chocolate fondue to finish off your romantic evening.

This is just one of the romantic things you can do in Banff National Park. Why not make a list of the Top 10?

Bring this story to life:

  • Ask us about other romantic ideas, such as renting bikes and enjoying a picnic by a mountain lake or staying the night at an authentic mountain log cabin.
  • Come and explore Banff for yourself and discover those romantic gems.


Get Married in the Mountains

Imagine a wedding on the banks of a turquoise lake surrounded by glacier-clad peaks, blooming wildflowers and a crisp blue sky. The combination of dramatic and unparalleled scenery, fine cuisine, romantic and luxurious accommodations and extraordinary venues of Banff National Park make for spectacular and memorable weddings. Couples tie the knot at the top of a ski hill, under a gazebo by a flowing river, in a heritage mountain cabin or on a dock by a mountain lake.

Bring this story to life: