Top Ten Backcountry Must-Haves

Exploring the more remote corners of Banff National Park can be a life-changing experience. Relatively few people venture off the beaten track, so those who do wander into the backcountry can enjoy the peacefulness of a crowd-free environment and reconnect with nature. But the experience will be that much more enjoyable if you’re prepared and well equipped. Why not write a story about the Top 10 Backcountry Must-Haves? 

Bring this story to life:

  • Visit one of Banff’s outdoor gear shops and learn the basics from a knowledgeable gear salesperson.
  • Take a guided overnight hike with a guide certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.


The Tradition of Outfitting

Mountain terrain calls for mountain gear. There is a long-standing tradition of “outfitting” in Banff National Park as travelers and locals gear up for their mountain adventures. Some of the first – Bill Peyto, Tom Wilson and the Brewster family – outfitted expeditions that were headed to explore uncharted territory. Nowadays, technology has been updated, but it is used for exactly the same purpose: pursuits and adventures in a rugged land.

Bring this story to life:

  • Bring out your inner cowboy with some Western wear.
  • Hang out with the Brewster family at Mountview BBQ or the Lake Louise Dance Barn. 
  • Get decked out in the latest apparel at one of Banff’s outdoor gear shops. 
  • Visit the Whyte Museum archives looking at old photos of Banff’s famous outfitters.