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High Elevation Yoga

Bet you’ve never done yoga at 7300 feet. Banff National Park helps you elevate your practice with an inspiring and refreshing environment. If you’ve never practiced outside with the sunshine and a fresh breeze, an eco-yoga experience will turn your downward dog upside-down. You can also enjoy a walking meditation or an outdoor class without the hiking. Scale the whole experience up a notch and take a helicopter ride to a backcountry location for the best yoga class of your life.

Bring this story to life: 

  • Visit Banff’s only dedicated yoga studio, Rocky Mountain Yoga.
  • Ask us about heli-yoga or eco yoga experiences.

The Healing Hot Springs

The hot springs in Banff National Park are what first made this destination so famous. In fact, their discovery led to the establishment of the Canadian parks system. Long ago, travellers were allured by the medicinal qualities of the hot springs and journeyed to Banff via the newly constructed Canadian Pacific Railway to take a dip in the mineral waters. Today, the Banff Upper Hot Springs, located at the end of Mountain Avenue, are the only hot springs in Banff that can be enjoyed by the public.

Bring this story to life: