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Visit Banff National Park & Lake Louise For Premier Meeting Services

You want to design an event that will leave a lasting impression on your group. Something they will remember for a long time. Host your meeting in Banff Lake Louise and let the natural setting of our destination do all the work!

The scenic drama of the Canadian Rockies, mixed with the rich history of Banff and Lake Louise, provides a unique stage for events and celebrations. Take “bored” out of the boardroom and create memorable customized events -- with programs that are linked to authentic local history and cultural depth. Whether you are looking for luxury, unusual entertainment, or a soul-cleansing, meaningful connection to nature, there are unique options to fit your budget.

As the Destination Marketing Organization for Banff, Lake Louise and Banff National Park we use our expert knowledge of the area to match your needs. Our services include:

  • Coordination and facilitation of Site Inspections to the destination
  • Assist with the RFP Process to Hotels, DMCs, Transportation and Activity Suppliers, and Off-Site Venues. Let us know the date of your event, how many people are attending, and your budget. We will help you find the perfect accommodations and activities for a thrilling conference.
  • Mountie Meet and Greet -- Surprise your group with an informal chat with a retired Canadian Mountie. Hear exciting and colorful stories of the organization’s rich history and traditions, and even pose for a few memorable photos.
  • Provide attendance boosting Promotional Tool Kit with brochures, video footage, poster and powerpoint templates to promote your event and get people excited and ready to attend.

For more information, contact:

Jason Elie
Manager, Canada MC&IT
Banff Lake Louise Tourism
T: (403) 762 0271
Cathy Macdonald
Senior Manager, Meetings and Incentives
Banff Lake Louise Tourism
T: (403) 762 0281 F: (403) 762 8545