Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum

Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum

Visit the Buffalo Nations Museum to return to the days when the horse first arrived on the plains, and when Europeans discovered Native cultures rich in elaborate ceremonies, dances, songs, and legends.
 From richly ornamented costumes to beautifully decorated tipi's, from colorful quill work to hunting equipment, the Museum displays a wealth of Native artifacts and collections. It is a cultural celebration of the richness, diversity, and above all, the resilience of the First Nations Peoples.

Address: 1 Birch Ave. PO Box 850 Banff, AB T1L 1A8

Phone: 403-762-2388

Fax: 403-760-2803


Hours: Summer (May - September) 10 am -7 pm Winter (October - April) 11 am -5 pm

Rates: Admission prices Adult $10 Seniors $9 Youth 7 - 17 $5 Child Under 7 free Price includes GST