Totem Souvenirs

Totem Souvenirs
Totem Souvenirs
Totem Souvenirs

We are a destination souvenir and gift store located in the beautiful mountain resort town of Banff, Alberta, Canada, at 215 Banff Avenue, and have been locally family owned since 1973.

With friendly store people, great service and a large selection of items, we make it easy and convenient to get your favourite treasures and flavours of the mountains. We have an extensive and a wide range of selection of products including, but not limited to...

  • Gifts
  • Souvenirs
  • T-shirts and garments
  • Canadian made products
  • Footwear (including Crocs and Moccasins)
  • Children’s toys, games & clothing
  • Travel accessories
  • Baja Joe Hoodies
  • Romero Britto products
  • Maple syrup, cookies, & candies
  • Books and DVD’s
  • Native inspired products
  • Gourmet foods
  • Dog clothing and toys
  • Jewellery
  • Sleepwear
  • LazyOne FlapJacks
  • KnitWits Originals Animal Hats & Mitts
  • The Original RedNek Wine Glasses
  • and much much more...

When visiting Banff, please be sure to come on into Totem Souvenirs for the best prices and the best selection of gifts and souvenirs that Banff has to offer!

Also, shop with us online at:

Address: 215 Banff Avenue PO Box 2500 Banff, AB T1L 1C2

Phone: 403-762-3913

Fax: 403-760-6662


Hours: Open 7 days a week