Year Round Caving Adventures

Get underground and explore chambers and tunnels deep beneath the Earth's surface – just outside of Banff National Park! With no interior lighting, handrails or walkways, you'll be able to experience caves in their natural state any time of the year. You’ll be twisting your way past stalagmites and stalactites, fossils and caverns sculpted over the course of thousands of years!

The Rat’s Nest Cave, a Provincial Historic Site that you’ll be exploring, remains a constant temperature of 5°C year round, so you can enjoy it at any time of year. A 30-minute hike to the cave’s entrance brings you to the beginning of your caving experience. Explore this 4-km long cave system with the help of an interpretive guide on either a 4.5 hour or 6 hour tour.

Coveralls, kneepads, gloves, helmet & headlamp, safety lanyard and a backpack are all provided. Participants must wear appropriate footwear and clothing (please inquire in advance).

*Please note that caving is considered a strenuous activity and participants must have a good level of fitness.

Canmore Cave Tours

Location: Canmore

Join us on a tour of discovery to Rat's Nest Cave:...

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