Royal Canadian Pacific

Royal Canadian Pacific
Royal Canadian Pacific

The Royal Canadian Pacific luxury train brings to life the nostalgia associated with the romance of rail travel. Life on board the Royal Canadian Pacific is relaxed, pampered…in short, fit for royalty. Stepping on board is akin to stepping back in time to an era of elegance, grace and classic luxury; a place where the view outside your window is unspoiled and timeless - oblivious to the rush of today’s world.

Royal Canadian Pacific has partnered with some of Canada's most elite tourism experiences at various destinations throughout our excursions. These off-train activities include golf at some of the world's most renowned championship courses, fly-fishing on Canada's pristine rivers and lakes, and interpretive tours that share Canada’s unique heritage.
Royal Canadian Pacific luxury rail tours include:

  •     Airport transfer
  •     Welcome reception
  •     First-class passage on the Royal Canadian Pacific vintage luxury train
  •     Exceptional cuisine and open bar service onboard the train
  •     Luxury accommodation in private staterooms;
  •     Evening turndown service
  •     Select off-train activities
  •     First class Canadian hospitality

Address: 201 9 Ave SW Calgary, AB T2P 424

Phone: 1-877-665-3044