Should you require a church for your ceremony, Banff is home to seven picturesque churches of various denominations. There are also several local marriage commissioners certified to perform wedding ceremonies. A marriage license can be obtained at the Banff Bureau of Licensing and Registration. You can find information about local clergy or marriage commissioners through local churches and ServiceAlberta.ca.

Marriage Commissioners:

Robin White (403) 762-8098 Website
Karen Faryna (403) 762-8098 Website
Carl Shields (403) 762-2430 Website
Rick Kunelius (403) 762-3852 Website
John Stutz (403) 762-4076 Website
Patricia Compton (403) 678-5907 Website
Monique Hunkeler (403) 609-4334 Website
Marion Kutzer (403) 678-2075 Website
Garry Kirwan (403) 678-4585 Website


Banff Park Church 403-762-3225
Banff's Full Gospel 403-762-2740
Japanese Grace Church 403-678-1928
Rundle Memorial United Church of Canada 403-762-2075
St. George's In The Pines - Anglican 403-762-2128
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church 403-762-2603
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 403-762-3279