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2019 Advisory Groups

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Ongoing member input is integral to developing and delivering on our destination business plan. We seek representation from a wide range of members, with advisory groups focused on:

  • Member Communications:  Ensuring timely, effective and transparent two way communication with members including process development, messaging, destination stories, website content, e-newsletter development and testing.

  • Travel Trade:  Sharing insights and international market trends and best practices to support growth opportunities for Banff and Lake Louise.

  • M.I.C.E.:  Providing industry insight, and feedback to support lead generation, opportunity generation and education development of M.I.C.E. business for Banff and Lake Louise.

  • Consumer Marketing:  Sharing marketing insights and best practices to support content to tell the destination story in innovative ways.

  • Lake Louise:  Sharing knowledge and insights of business trends, business development opportunities, summer traffic communication planning and industry networking.


To adequately fulfil their advisory role, members of the advisory group will be:

  • In a middle-management or higher role for at least three years within either a Full or Associate Member organization, or a Stakeholder organization.

  • Experienced and skilled in areas relevant to the advisory group’s mandate.

More specifically, advisory group participants will reflect a cross-section of the following:

  • Strategic planning skills;

  • Independent and informed, with a firm understanding that the advisory group serves the interests of the destination before those of their own organization;

  • Strong communication skills – positive, enthusiastic, problem solver;

  • Team-player - collaborative, dependable, inclusive.

In addition to the above, the Advisory Group participants ideally have the following:

  • Member Communications:  Communications experience supporting public engagement with a range of audiences including key stakeholders and media.

  • Travel Trade:  Experience participating in in-market activities with Travel Trade team (ie: Tradeshows, Sales Missions, FAMs, etc.) and experience working with and selling product and experiences to receptive tour operators, tour operators and travel agents.

  • M.I.C.E.:  Experience executing M.I.C.E. events (conferences, meetings, receptions etc.).  Knowledge within the Canadian and U.S. markets (international being an asset).  Experience with in-market activities with M.I.C.E. focus (ie: Conferences, Sales Missions, Site Visits, BDTs, etc.).  Ability to share insight on M.I.C.E. trends and business levels in support of the destination efforts.

  • Consumer Marketing:  Experience with digital marketing, including social channels, search engine, e-mail marketing, and traditional  channels. Experience in developing strategic content, including owned, earned and paid.

  • Lake Louise:  All members and stakeholders  (LLAB, ID9, Parks Canada) in Lake Louise are invited to participate.

Terms of Reference:

To understand more about the participation guidelines, please read the Advisory Group Terms of Reference.  


The 2019 Advisory Groups have now been finalized.  Please contact Althea Smith-Hay at or 403.762.0276 if you would like more information or if you would like to receive a copy of minutes from the 2019 meetings.