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The Real Banff Blog / Published: Mon, 12/28/2015 - 02:41

A Wild Year 2015 #MyBanff Wildlife Photos

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We feel very fortunate here at Real Banff, thanks to the generous folks who have shared their amazing photographs with us via the #MyBanff hashtag on Instagram. We saw over 35,ooo candid #MyBanff moments in 2015, including some phenomenal looks at some of the 53 species of mammals in these Canadian Rockies.  Here are some of the memorable ones, with captions from our in-house tweeting animal expert, the Banff Squirrel.



"Smell my breath. Smell it. Smmeeeeeeellllll it."

banffstagram july 13 2015 bear cub baby @jasonedlundphoto

Photo @jasonedlundphoto


"Look to your right, honey. Your other right..."

banffstagram june 21 2015 elk calf @sommers_photo

Photo @sommers_photo


Officially the last time she lets the kid give her a haircut.

banffstagram august 13 2015 mountain goat kid baby animal @marcmassiephotography

 Photo @marcmassiephotography


Baby bighorns have adorable little horns. 

banffstagram oct 21 2015 baby bighorn animal @vees_photos

Photo @vees_photos


The Industrious. 

Fun Fact: Beaver teeth never stop growing, because they never stop gnawing. Incisors grow up to 4 feet in a single year! 

banfstagram may 2 2014 beaver animal via @samihobley

Photo @samihobleyphoto

This porcupine did 53 pull ups-a new park record. 

banffstagram june 24 2015 animal porcupine @fayealice22

Photo @fayealice22


A pika on his way to a hot date. 

banffstagram august 23 2015 pika full mouth animal funny @andrewluntphoto Andrew Lunt

Photo @andrewluntphoto


This deer can read. 

banffstagram facebook deer reading sign stacey sartoretto

Photo @banffstace


Excuse me, while I kiss the sky. 

banffstagram june 8 2015 peyto lake animal via @ianwduncan

Photo @ianwduncan

Using Your Noggin. 

Fun Fact: A bighorn ram's horns can weigh more than all the bones in his body combined.

banffstagram august 18 2015 bighorn animal head butt @cshann_photography B

Photo @cshaan_photography


Touching moment.

banffstagram march 15 2015 ravens winter animal bird @colleengaraphoto via @paulzizkaphoto

Photo @colleengaraphoto


"Yes I am digging for berries with my head. What of it?"

banffstagram dec 7 2015 facebook owen slater photography grizzly in snow

Photo Owen Slater Photography.


Different Views. 

"Hey buddy, mind if I stop here. Where are your antlers? What's your name? What's that smell? Seen any shiny things? Can I have a lift to Jasper? What time is it?"

Magpies never shut up....

banffstagram oct 23 2015 funny elk magpie @chona_pajarillo

Photo @chona_pajarillo



banffstagram marmot helen lake july 8 2015 @brent_carter_photography

Photo @brent_carter_photography


"Awww, look how adorable they are, all hairless and in their cute outfits."

banffstagram may 31 2015 ground squirrel camp animal funny @rebeccawatkins27

Photo @rebeccawatkins27


Terrible-At-Hide-N-Go-Seek Elk.

banffstagram nov 18 2015 elk animal snow @thatcanadiangirl1

Photo @thatcanadiangirl1


Cute pine marten...plotting something evil.

banffstagram oct 21 2015 facebook stacey sartoretto @banffstace pine marten

Photo @banffstace


"Oh, hello there and welcome to the forest. May I check your lunch bag? "

banffstagram june 21 2015 marmot standing lake louise animal @catr13

Photo @catr13


They knew there'd be a bunch of 'Bambi & Thumper' jokes, but they didn't care.

deer bunny 2

Photo by Banff Squirrel

Meditating squirrel. 

banffstagram dec 16 2015 squirrel smile @happyelocha

Photo @happyelocha

Animal Jerks. 

Moose raspberry. 

banffstagram august 6 2015 moose tongue funny @skilouise

Photo @skilouise


"For the millionth time, tell the guy in the back not to stare at the camera!"

banffstagram june 10 2015 bighorn herd minnewanka @dream_and_wander

Photo @dreamingandwandering


Bighorn sheep can be jerks.

banffstagram august 13 2015 bighorn ram funny minnewanka @matt_sweeney25

 Photo @matt_sweeney25


This deer just looks like he's up to no good. 

banffstagram mar 7 2015 deer licking snowflakes @haileynordstromphotography hailey nordstrom

Photo @haileynordstromphotography


The Animals are Evolving.

This could mean trouble.

banffstagram august 11 2015 bear animal walking @leslieprice1121

Photo @leslieprice1121


"I just walked right up to the buffet and made a salad!"


Photo by Lisa Vinderskov



The Family 'Dandelion-Walrus-Tusk' Game

"Hey, son-check this out. I am a walrus!"

banffstagram june 22 2015 black bear dandelions animal @lindsaysmithphoto

Photo by @lindsaysmithphoto


"Like this Mom?"

banffstagram june 16 2015 black bear animal @christhommo89

Photo by @christhommo89


"Not bad, junior. A better walrus than your dad can do."

banffstagram june 8 2015 black bear close dandelion @amar_athwal

Photo via @banff_moments, also the credit for the swimming elk up top.