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Andy Best, Travel Alberta
The Real Banff / Published: Tue, 07/05/2016 - 11:17

5 Reasons to fish in Banff national park

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We looked at what inspires Banff’s anglers to head out and fish on the lakes and rivers in the Canadian Rockies.

After a spectacular sunrise thick clouds rolled in bringing heavy rain, but this person remained fishing without any movement. Minutes before the downpour, a few rays of light came through, lighting the mountain in a way that appeared surreal and mesmerizing. Daniel Ernst, @daniel_ernst

bow lake, fishing, fly fishing, spin casting

The pristine water and stunning backdrop of Banff National Park provides an ideal setting for an excellent fishing adventure.Darcy & Timbre, @FACELESSFLYFISHING       

facelessflyfishing, fly fishing, spin casting, fishing

For me, it’s tough to concentrate on fishing in such a setting; dwarfed by mountains with clear rivers and glacier lakes. And the pride from watching your fishing pal catch their first fish is priceless!John G. Rose, @UGOTJOHN

castle, fishing, fly fishing, spin casting
Jeff Mitchell

The Canadian Rockies offer the fly fisherman a unique set of fishing opportunities, from high alpine lakes with a short season but voracious appetites, to valley creeks and rivers that have some incredible dry fly and nymph opportunities.Andrew Hardingham, @hardinghama

fishing, fly fishing, spin casting

Fishing for beautiful trout that inhabit this area’s pristine rivers, lakes and creeks and looking up at the fantastic beauty that is rising all around, it’s perfect. It's no wonder why you and the fish are here! John Buckler

buckler, fish, cascade river

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