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The Real Banff / Published: Thu, 03/15/2018 - 14:40

5 Reasons To Visit Cochon555 Banff

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Cochon555 will return to Banff, Alberta in April 2019 for its only Canadian stop.

The event combines responsible agriculture, local family farming, culinary arts and hospitality to inspire local, regional and national chefs, suppliers/producers, sommeliers/bartenders and restaurateurs.

The live, unique and experiential event will bring together talented chefs from across the province, food suppliers and producers, and influential food media all working in concert to create unforgettable culinary experiences.

Cochon555 is a one-of-a-kind culinary event features five chefs cooking five heritage breed pigs in a friendly competition for a cause.  

Here are five reasons to visit Cochon555 Banff:

1. Iconic location, Iconic Venue 

Canada’s first national park is a fitting place to host Canada’s first Cochon555 event, which will take over the Van Horne Ballroom at the iconic Fairmont Banff Springs hotel for a day of heritage pork festivities. Cochon555 Banff has a decidedly Canadian flare, featuring some of the best food and talent in Alberta and British Columbia. 

2. Make it a weekend 

The event is perfectly situated to allow you a few extra days of exploring in Banff and Lake Louise. Looking for some mountain inspiration? Why not add on a day of spring skiing or explore some of the incredible sightseeing lifts in Banff National Park?     


3. Sample The Best Of The West

Great chefs love great ingredients. Cochon555 brings together some of Canada’s best chefs with 1500 pounds of unrivaled heritage-pork for the ultimate pairing. Chef jW Foster, Executive Chef at Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel sums it up perfectly - "I can't think of a better place for Cochon 555 to begin its chef-driven Canadian journey than here in Banff, Alberta. It is vital to showcase the efforts of small farmers who are driven to keep heritage pork alive and accessible to chefs who want to raise awareness of local food. I truly believe in an authentically local culinary focus to support local farmers, and this event puts that focus centre stage - an event that any chef worth their salt wants to be involved with." 

The 2018 competing chefs were: 

For full chef bios, please visit our Meet The Chefs Page.

4. Discover The Best of Heritage Pork  

So what is heritage-breed pork anyway? Unlike their modern relatives, heritage breed pigs come from bloodlines dating back hundreds of years when livestock was raised on multi-use, open pasture farms. Today, most heritage breed pigs are raised on small, family farms without the use of harmful antibiotics or growth steroids. 

5. Support a Good Cause   

Not only will you try some delicious pork, but proceeds from the event will be split evenly between The Banff Food Bank and The Piggy Bank, a non-profit dedicated to the preservation and public education of heritage breed pork. They offer support to local farmers, educators, and industry professionals in order to help forward their mandate of creating “Noah’s Ark” for heritage breed pigs.