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The Real Banff / Published: Tue, 12/12/2017 - 12:52

Banff & Lake Louise Holiday Gift Guide

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Winter experiences in Banff and Lake Louise come at all altitudes and in all varieties – skiing at world-class resorts, riding gondolas to sky-high views, mushing with dogsleds, disconnecting at back and front country lodges and more – this destination is one that creates the perfect opportunity to gift your partner, friends, and family with experiences that make lasting Rocky Mountain memories.

Here are 12 experiences that make the perfect gift this holiday season:

Banff Centre events and shows

Nestled on Tunnel Mountain is the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity – home to a number of indoor and outdoor shows throughout the year, Banff Centre has a diverse selection of music, art, and theatre performances. Tip: pair an evening of events with dinner at Banff Centre's Three Ravens Restaurant & Wine Bar.


Dogsleds are conveniently made for two people and guided through the Rocky Mountain winter in a surprisingly silent experience. The surrounding trees are covered with snow and the crisp air is no match for the warm blanket that keeps couples cozy while the musher leads the dogs. This experience is the perfect gift for a loved one and all details can be found here

Cozy Cabin Getaway

A technology detox might be the best gift of all – quality time spent as a family or a couple while playing board games by the fire and enjoying the front and backcountry experiences of Banff National Park. A getaway at one of the six lodge locations in Banff and Lake Louise is great reason for outdoor adventure complemented by delicious culinary and a wood burning fire at the lodge.

Sightseeing Lifts

Alpine dining, unbeatable views, and surrounding adventure creates the perfect reason to gift a sightseeing lift experience in Banff National Park. Three sightseeing lifts operate in summer and winter – the Banff Gondola, Banff Sunshine, and Lake Louise Sightseeing Lift, Gondola & Interpretive Centre all come with unique experiences inside and outside for families and couples –  each with restaurants for an alpine dining experience. 

Banff Yoga Festival

For the third year in a row, the Banff Yoga Festival gives the opportunity to rejuvenate and refresh the soul and mind as spring comes alive in Banff. Join a mix of yoga classes, mindfulness workshops, and meditation sessions throughout the destination. Banff Yoga Festival tickets are found online here.

Banff Yoga Festival

Skiing in Banff National Park

SkiBig3 makes it easy to give the gift of a ski holiday in Banff National Park by combining all three ski resorts on one lift pass with optional accommodation packages as well. Get the most out of winter with a Banff and Lake Louise ski holiday through SkiBig3.

Rocky Mountain art 

Rocky Mountain culture has inspired Canadian artistic creations through stone, wood, and canvas for many years. The landscapes surrounding Banff National Park move hands behind the art to tell stories of nature and human interactions in the Canadian Rockies. Giving the gift of art results in a lasting impression that will tell stories for years to come. Art galleries to purchase unique Canadian pieces at include:
- Canada House Gallery 
- Carter-Ryan Gallery 
- Willock & Sax Gallery
- The Mountain Galleries at Fairmont Banff Springs
- Whyte Museum Gift Shop
- About Canada

Scenic dinner date night

Giving the gift of dinner with a view is the perfect way to please your partner – Banff and Lake Louise have award-winning restaurants that complement their culinary with stunning views of the Rockies. For a list of the best scenic restaurants in Banff and Lake Louise, check out our scenic dining article.

Spa Getaway

Spas in Banff offer a unique experience to unwind and recharge in an area that naturally energizes people who visit. Romantic couple's massages and spa treatments are available around town and can be found here.


Heli-skiing was born in the Canadian Rockies and the best in the world is accessed in Banff National Parks backyard. CMH and RK Heli-ski offer unique experiences in deep and exclusive powder ranges only accessed by helicopter. Each company offers their own perks and prices and more details can be found at CMH Heli-Skiing and RK Heli-Skiing.

Annual National Park Pass 

As Canada's 150th celebrations wind down, so does the year of free Park Passes – to keep enjoying the best of Canada's National Parks including Banff, purchase an annual Park Pass for your family, partner, or friends so you can all enjoy endless adventure in Canada's protected playgrounds. 

Ice Magic tickets

The annual Ice Magic Festival is back in January 2019 – enjoy the events, ice carvings, and experiences with the event which is ticketed during peak periods. 

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