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The Real Banff Blog / Published: Tue, 07/19/2011 - 03:52

Mountain Biking Lake Louise with BikePirate!

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Mountain Biking Lake Louise: finding the hidden treasure

Known for its world renowned ski area and for its day hikes and mountain climbing activities, Lake Louise is descended upon by tourists from all corners of the world each and every year. Summer, winter, you name it the area is crawling with visitors. But, of those visiting the area very few know about Lake Louise’s mountain biking trails.

Did you know that there are two worthwhile mountain bike trails to explore; one of which is a little known treasure? Even the locals have a hard time locating this sweet out-and-back singletrack that ends at a stunning and secluded location, frequented more so by wildlife than people. The name of the trail you ask? Why Ross Lake of course.

Opened in 1997 to mountain biking, thanks to the efforts of the Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance, this super flowy, rolling singletrack, with minimal elevation gain, is worth checking out if you’re in the area. An intermediate ride, with a few advanced sections, Ross Lake is a fun 1.5 – 2.5 hour mountain bike excursion. At the end of the trail awaits your very own oasis - Ross Lake. A stunning crystal clear lake surrounded by mountains and glaciers. Take a dip in the lake on a hot day to cool off after pedalling 7 km to this spectacular location, or relax and enjoy your surroundings before making your way back along the trail that took you to this memorable spot.

Remember that due to its seclusion and its location in a National Park, this area is frequented by bears and other wildlife. Please make sure to carry bear spray, ride in a group when possible, and holler when approaching blind corners as not to spook the wildlife.

For more information on the Ross Lake trail, including the trailhead description, please click here. Have you ridden Ross Lake? If so, share your review of the trail here by adding your comments and photos. Happy Trails!

Pete Oprsal is the creator and owner of bikepirate.com, a website for those “looking to get the latest dirt on trails to ride in their area.”