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Banff Yoga Festival
The Real Banff / Published: Tue, 02/20/2018 - 12:33

Wellness Retreats and Events in Banff and Lake Louise

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Mountaintop Yoga with Lululemon – Feb 25 & March 25 

One-hour yoga session hosted by Lululemon and accompanied by Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, level 4 of the Banff Gondola summit. Only $62/pp, including yoga mat rental, instructor and Banff Gondola admission ($62 value) | Learn More

ROXY Yoga Sessions at Banff Sunshine – March 16 

Looking for a way to unwind after a day on the slopes? Join Banff Sunshine and ROXY for an après-ski yoga session at Sunshine Mountain Lodge. | Learn More

Spring Awakening With Yin – March 17

Join Holly for a rejuvenating class that includes nourishing Yin, balancing breath work, guided meditation, and a heartfulness practice of loving-kindness and compassion. | Learn More

Zen In The Art Of Writing – March 18-22  

Explore how meditation, mindfulness, yoga, free-writing and other approaches can stimulate the natural flow of the creative process and open the mind to new possibilities, with special emphasis on finding or deepening our most natural writing voices. | Learn More

Lake Louise Mindfulness & Yoga – March 23-25  

Join a group of like-minded participants for a weekend of yoga, meditation and mindful walks. Begin each morning with 1.5 hours of flow yoga and end your day with gentle yoga and meditation, followed by a healthy, nourishing meal. Learn how to live in the moment and find more inner peace and happiness in your life. | Learn More

The Juniper’s 3 Day Women's Wellness Yoga – April 27-29 

Slow down for a bit and make well deserved time to reconnect with yourself. Enjoy time for self-reflection and creative journaling. Feel uplifted and supported by inspirational discussions, and begin to create the life you deeply desire. | Learn More

The Feminine Face Of Yoga – June 23-24  

Join Rocky Mountain Yoga to explore the feminine principle that is at the heart of the Yogic Teachings. | Learn More

Banff Wellness Retreat with Mindy Johnstone – July 7-9  

The perfect retreat for a small group to experience Banff. Your heritage home is situated on the iconic Bow River. With access to the river trail literally at your door, there is plenty of fresh air and time to explore the natural world. This 3-day retreat offers a combination of yoga, creativity, and outdoor meditations. | Learn More

Evolve Retreat Co. at Baker Creek Mountain Resort and Sunshine Mountain Lodge

Sunshine Mountain Lodge - Sept 17-21 

Baker Creek Mountain Resort - Oct 1-5   

Evolve Retreat Co. offers all-inclusive, luxury health and wellness retreat in Banff National Park. A personalized program is developed to help you live your best life. You’ll work closely with a member of Evolve Retreat Co. to develop custom menus, fitness challenges, lifestyle mentoring sessions, and active outdoor adventures to help you reach your physical, mental, and emotional goals. The program includes your accommodation, gourmet clean cuisine, food demos and cooking/nutrition workshops, one-on-one outdoor fitness sessions, guided hikes, yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices, and sleep workshops. | Learn More

WUB Gathering - November 9-12

Experience the best of mountain wellness at the first-ever WUB Gathering, an all-inclusive, four-day gathering in Banff National Park. Hosted at Banff Centre For Arts And Creativity, the WUB Gathering brings together some of the leading minds in the fields of yoga, mindfulness, sound healing, and more. Be captivated through provoking speakers from around the world, deepen your yoga practice, listen to live bands, and connect with like minded people. | Learn more

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