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The Real Banff / Published: Fri, 12/11/2020 - 15:06

Online Christmas Shopping in Banff National Park

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The shopkeepers of Banff and Lake Louise are a rare breed. If you’ve ever strolled the streets around here, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Mountain merchants are one part adventurer, one part creative entrepreneur, and most importantly, genuine ambassadors of the Canadian Rockies.

These shopkeepers are committed to finding and creating products that represent a lifestyle inspired by the mountains. And even if you can’t make it to Banff National Park this holiday season, they’re ready to bring the mountains to you. So grab yourself a hot cocoa, curl up somewhere cozy, and make the virtual journey to the snow-lined streets of Banff and Lake Louise. We're waiting for you.

Gear for the Great Outdoors

Visit Banff National Park in any season and you’re sure to experience a taste of wild Rockies weather. Mountain-dwellers know that around here, being ready for anything Mother Nature brings is key to comfort. 

Local retailers of outdoor equipment and apparel have made it their business to keep their customers geared up for exploring al fresco, and they’re darn good at it. Monod Sports, Unlimited Skate and Snow, and Rude Boys are three locally founded shops, each with a unique ethos inspired by Banff’s alpine surroundings. 

The team at Monod’s takes pride in testing out all their products on the ski slopes, rock faces and hiking trails of the park. They know that outerwear made for movement in the mountains will keep you warm and well-styled on snowy paths and city streets alike.

For a cultural gift of a different sort, visit the online shops of Rude Boys and Unlimited Skate and Snow. The snowboard gear and skateboard equipment you’ll find here - from the latest in goggles to custom-made skate decks - are deeply connected to this unique part of the Banff community. The gear here brings the same inspiration for adventure wherever it goes, from mountains to foothills and beyond. 

Flavours of the Rockies

There’s nothing like a taste of the mountains to ground you in their strength and soul. Brew your own mug of this essence with the alpine-inspired blends of the Banff Tea Co. and Jolene's Tea House. Opt for the classic Banff Earl Grey Snowflake from Banff Tea Co. or try out a local favourite like Snowy Mountain Genmai from Jolene's. Pair any delectable blend with a tea tumbler or travel press for the tea enthusiast in your life.

If coffee is more your thing, Banff Roasting Company has a treat for you. With a variety of roasts and blends, crafted right here in Banff, you can wake up through the holidays with the taste of the Canadian Rockies.

For something a little stronger, check out Park Distillery’s online store. These small-batch spirits crafted right in Banff are literally and figuratively infused with the essence of the Rockies, from glacier water to hand-picked Canadian Spruce Tips. 

The all-natural cleansing creations of Rocky Mountain Soap Company are life essentials for residents of Banff and Lake Louise, and they can be for you too. Locals’ favourite products are now available in holiday-inspired scents like Vanilla Candy Cane Body Butter and Winter Cheer Nomad Hand Sanitizer. Browsing the virtual shelves of toxin-free goodness makes for a shopping experience so pleasant it’s almost transcendent. 

Mountain Wearables

Some say that fashion is a way of expression. If that’s the case, the boutiques of Banff and Lake Louise are the expert authority on how to have your say. From vintage to modern, shop here to give your wardrobe its very own story. 

Begin your virtual shopping trip at the Rocky Mountain Flannel Company for cozy flannel pyjamas and the traditional plaid shirts of the mountain lumberjack. From there, saunter over to the online stores of Cabin 108 and House of Angelica. Here you’ll find knitwear, denim and a full inventory of accessories from cozy wool mittens to earrings and pendants. If you're after a modern yet traditional souvenir, Cool As A Moose offers a range of stylish t-shirts and hoodies that no one would cringe at.

Then it’s on to Qiviuk at Jacques Cartier Clothier for specialty apparel made from the incredibly warm undercoat of the namesake Qiviuk – the Arctic Muskox. And for more artisanal goods that are rooted in the history of the Rockies, the Banff Trading Post is not to be missed. Traditional Indigenous moccasins, mukluks and dreamcatchers make for thoughtful gifts for anyone on your list. 

Memories & Mementos

Memories of Banff National Park evoke something a little different for all who have been here. What stands the test of time could be the thrill of adventure, the awe of rugged beauty, or the connections you came to the mountains to strengthen. Regardless, these memories are united in their ability to ground you firmly with a sense of place. 

To treat yourself or a past travelling companion to a trip down memory lane, browse the offerings of Branches Marketplace, Cascade Gifts and Totem Souvenirs. Each offers a full range of products paying homage to the Canadian Rockies. There are books, artwork, children’s toys and gourmet treats for every taste.

Even if your loved ones haven’t walked the trails of Banff National Park they can still share in the spirit of this place. Rocks & Gems Canada is the place to go for a true piece of the mountains, from meteorites to minerals to handmade jewelry with petrified wood or sparkling green amber.

For the historically inclined friends and family in your life, the Whyte Museum Shop carries a range of goods that would make the founders of the museum proud. Here you’ll find the recent literary winners of the Banff Mountain Book Festival along with handmade Christmas cards and artwork featuring the flora and fauna of the Rockies.

And of course, no visit to Banff National Park is complete without a stop at the Spirit of Christmas. Canada’s largest year-round Christmas store brings joy every month of the year and during the holidays it truly shines. Order a delicately crafted ornament for your Christmas tree and the local elves will even personalize it before sending it your way. 

It’s easier than you think to bring home a little bit of the Canadian Rockies, and all the power they hold, to wherever you are in the world. This holiday season, let the spirit of the mountains make its way to you. 

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