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The Real Banff Blog / Published: Fri, 08/01/2014 - 01:05

Shelby The Golden Retriever's Last Trip To Banff

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Editor's Note: The Real Banff blog invites people to share their stories from the area. There are tales of biking and hiking, skiing and snowboarding. Some stories are about the dining or events. Some just make your heart melt. Here is a submission from a visitor who drove from Florida to Banff so that her dog could have one last look at the mountains she loved. Thanks to Tamara Amromina for sharing this touching journey with us. Makes us proud that our park and its people made an impact on this family and their best friend.

Banff! What a beautiful place! Every year we have made the drive from Miami, FL, just to enjoy views of majestic mountains, frozen glaciers and turquoise lakes. Our adopted golden retriever, Shelby, shared all trips with us.  She's been to every National Park of US and Canada but Banff she loved the most, I think for the lakes, the friendliest people, and the snow.

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When, in June 2014, our 11 year old golden girl was diagnosed with cancer and had only 2 months to live we decided to take her there for the last time. We'd made her a comfy bed in an SUV and used a pet stroller. It was not easy to carry 114 lb dog, but to see such a happiness in her eyes was worth it.

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It's impossible to describe without tears how she enjoyed cold air, spring flowers and snow. In loving memory of our golden girl Shelby.

-Tamara Amromina

P.S. Thank you to everyone who stopped at Johnston Canyon and Lake Louise to pet her and to take picture with her in her red stroller.

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