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Nomination of Candidates for election to Banff & Lake Louise Tourism Board of Directors

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Banff & Lake Louise Tourism is a member based organization governed by a Board of Directors. The board consists of twelve elected members, each of whom is elected by a defined business category. 

An election is declared for vacancies on the Board of Directors in 2019 to represent the following business categories/areas:

  • One (1) Lodging Director for a 3-year term;
  • One (1) Retail Director for a 3-year term;
  • One (1) Restaurant & Bar Director for a 3-year term;
  • One (1) Service Director for a 3-year term;
  • One (1) Lake Louise Business Community Director for a 3-year term;
  • One (1) Improvement District No. 9 Business Community Director for a 3-year term.

Additionally, notice is hereby given that a by-election will be held in conjunction with the 2019 elections to fill the following vacancy:

  • One (1) Lodging Director for a 1-year term*.

(*The Director who fills this vacancy would be eligible to serve up to 2 more consecutive 3-year terms at the conclusion of the initial 1-year term served).


Nominations for elected Members of the Board may be made by any 5 Full Members or by fifty percent (50%) of the Full Members of any Business Category, whichever is less. Nominations must be in writing and signed by all 5 Full Members. 

A Nominee cannot nominate himself/herself. A Full Member can nominate more than 1 person to be a director; and,

All nominations must be delivered to the Banff & Lake Louise Tourism head office, located at Suite 300, 317 Banff Avenue (3rd Floor – Cascade Shops), Banff, Alberta, at or before NOON on Friday, March 8, 2019 and upon receipt all persons so nominated shall be placed in nomination by the Secretary.

All persons nominating a nominee director must be either full members or a designated employee, officer or director of a full member of the business category for which a vacancy exists.  For greater clarity, Associate Members cannot nominate nominees and are not eligible to vote in director elections, nor are Associate Members eligible to be directors.


NOMINATIONS OPEN:     Friday, February 8, 2019
NOMINATIONS CLOSE:   Friday, March 8, 2019
ELECTION OPENS:          Friday, March 15, 2019
VOTING DEADLINE:         Friday, April 5, 2019


Nomination forms are available for download by clicking here. For any additional information please contact Althea Smith-Hay, Member & Board Relations Manager at