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Cannabis Regulations

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Cannabis is legal across Canada on October 17, 2018. In Alberta, people 18 years of age and older may smoke or vape cannabis in private homes or on private property. In general, cannabis consumption is allowed in public areas of Banff National Park, except for within the Town of Banff, where it is prohibited.

In the Town of Banff

In Banff, smoking/vaping cannabis in public places is prohibited.

The Town of Banff prohibits smoking and vaping of cannabis in public places, just as the consumption of alcohol is prohibited in public places. This means smoking or vaping of cannabis is prohibited in these locations:

  • sidewalks, trails and paths
  • streets, alleys and lanes
  • parks, forests and green spaces
  • public structures or street furniture

For more information, including rules around storefront retail, visit the Town of Banff’s website.

In Banff National Park and Lake Louise (outside the town of Banff)

In Lake Louise and Banff National Park, outside the Banff townsite, consuming cannabis is generally allowed, other than within five metres of a building. There are specific rules in place for campgrounds and Parks Canada buildings and sites within the Town of Banff.

In campgrounds, consuming cannabis is allowed at one’s own campsite. However for oTENTiks and Equipped Camping tents, consuming cannabis is prohibited.

As certain Parks Canada buildings and sites are within the Town of Banff, such as the Cave and Basin, consuming cannabis on these locations is prohibited.

In day use areas and on front and back country trails, consuming cannabis is allowed, as long as it is not within five metres of a building.

For more information on Parks Canada rules, visit the Parks Canada website.

Things to know while travelling to and from Banff and Lake Louise and within Canada

Rules about consumption in public places vary by municipality, so visitors need to check the rules of the places they are visiting. It is illegal to take cannabis across international borders.

Travellers are expected to understand and abide by international travel laws.

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