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Visitor Survey Lead

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Banff and Lake Louise Tourism is looking for an independent contractor as a Visitor Survey Lead! This is a great opportunity to play an integral role in gaining insight into how visitors experience the destination. 
This is anticipated to be a 1 year contract, requiring approximately 10-15 hours per week, beginning October 1, 2017.  Flexibility in scheduling surveying is available.


  • Entrepreneurial experience will be considered a strong asset
  • Friendly, approachable demeanor 
  • Familiar with technology (specifically iPAD)
  • Access to reliable transportation (be able to access all areas of Banff and Lake Louise)
  • Training experience would be a definite asset


  • Owning the scheduling and operational functions of the visitor survey process. 
  • Meeting the targets for specific survey periods (either individually or with a team)
  • Conduct visitor survey intercepts; approach visitors at different locations in the Banff & Lake Louise area to obtain their email address in order to forward an online survey for completion at a later time. 
  • Approach visitors in destination to gain feedback about their experience.
  • Hire and train others to conduct visitor survey intercepts or surveys (as required)


You have choices about how and where you use your expertise. We believe professional, motivated individuals can thrive with the Banff & Lake Louise Tourism team. Are you a leader in your industry with a strong background in tourism, sales or marketing? If so, we are interested in meeting you.
Please forward your resume or information about your business along with a letter describing why you would like to lead this function to: Only those selected for a meeting will be contacted, we thank all those who express interest.