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Banff and Lake Louise Wellness Walking
Paul Zizka
Fenland Trail

Connect With Nature

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Find a deeper connection on your visit to Banff National Park with yourself, nature and those around you. Remote lodging, expert local guides and wide open spaces are just a few ways you can expect to find natural wellness during your stay.

Guided Nature Experiences

Forest Bathing

“Shinrin-yoku” means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing”. The concept and practice were developed in Japan during the 1980s as a mode of preventative health care and healing. The idea is simple: spend time in the woods, moving slowly and with intention, and be aware of all the sights, smells, sounds, and textures.

Forest Fix offers guided tours and there are plenty of places in Banff National Park where you could try some shinrin-yoku yourself - the forests on Tunnel Mountain are easily accessible from town or take a drive a little further out and find your own special spot.

Medicine Walks

Discover the fascinating historical medicines of the boreal forest from a Cree lineage with Mahikan Trails. Join a knowledgable guide for a summer or winter medicine walk and learn about indigenous culture, history, traditions and teachings from the land.

Guided Hikes and Snowshoeing

With over 1600 km of trails to choose from, making the decision to go hiking or snowshoeing in Banff National Park is the easy part. Choosing the perfect trail and ensuring you're well prepared with all the right gear, safety equipment and knowledge is where things start to get a little complicated. Thankfully Banff and Lake Louise is home to many world class interpretive guides who are ready to ensure your adventure on the trails is safe, seamless and unforgettable, giving you the chance to enjoy every moment and really soak in the experience. 

Snowshoeing, Bow Lake, Banff National Park
Noel Hendrickson
Bow Lake

Time in nature

Multiple studies have found that spending time in nature has positive effects on your overall wellbeing and mental health. Gentle pysical activity in green spaces and time spent outside helps you relax and reduce stress which is more important than ever in these uncertain times.

Covering 6,641 square km, Banff National Park has an abundance of outdoor spaces, ready for you to discover. Paddle to a remote hidden cove on Lake Minnewanka; feel energised as you skate across a frozen lake while admiring the snowy peaks surrounding you; or experience unmatched tranquility fishing in remote, glacier fed lakes. There are endless opportunites to spend time outside in Banff and Lake Louise. The big questions is, which activity is right for you?

Canoeing on Vermilion Lakes, Banff National Park
Dan Evans

Find an Escape

Seek an escape into the wilderness of Banff National Park. Disconnect from technology and your everyday routine and recharge with a getaway to a remote cabin or the rugged backcountry.

Remote Accommodations

Imagine falling asleep with the stars dancing above you, or waking up on the shores of a turqoise lake. With little to no cell service available and some accessible only by hike, horseback or ski, Banff and Lake Louise have a number of secluded lodge, cabin or campground options for those looking to get away from it all. 

Guided Backcountry Tours

Embarking on a journey into the remote backcountry of Banff National Park can seem intimidating at first. Rest assured, the backcountry isn't just for seasoned adventurers. A number of operators offer guided trips and most will include meals, tent/ lodging and an extensive packing list to make sure you don't forget anything important. Professional guides will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Whether you choose to travel by foot or horseback, you'll discover a side of Banff National Park that you never knew existed. A moderate to high level of fitness is required for these experiences. 

Heli Adventures

Access secluded regions of the Rockies with minimal effort on a guided helicopter experience. Discover awe inspiring landscapes and revel in the kind of silence unique to the backcountry.

Choose from heli hiking, fishing, camping, skiing, snowshoeing, or yoga and get a taste for the rugged beauty that draws so many into the backcountry every year. Multiple experience are available through Rockies Heli Canada, Alpine Helicopters, White Mountain Adventures and CMH Heli-Skiing and Summer Adventures.

Plan Your Stay

Browse and book accommodation and lodging packages with our trip planning tool. To learn about the different types of accommodation available in Banff and Lake Louise, visit our Places to Stay page or Contact Us to speak to a local expert.