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 Aerial Yin and Floating Crystal Sound Bath

Aerial Yin and Floating Crystal Sound Bath

Hayley Molina and Valerie Atkinson come together for this unique and beautiful evening of relaxation and healing. This 2 hour workshop will have you floating in aerial silks, accompanied with an Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Infusion, creating a deeply transformative experience.

Hayley will lead you through a restorative aerial yin yoga practice, using aerial hammocks to help you feel held and supported. You will explore deep stretches allowing you to fully open the body and mind.

Cradled by the silks, you will also be guided through breathwork and meditation to anchor you into the practice, including a touch of Reiki to help you feel at ease and connected to yourself.

At the end of the practice, enjoy a relaxing sound bath savasana, suspended in the floating cocoon of your hammock.

Valerie will guide you into a journey of mystical soundscapes, perfectly suited to further your exploration of self within the medicine of movement, stillness and meditation.

Sound is an invitation to turn inward, to reunify the body, mind + spirit by utilizing a holistic and regenerative medium to gently access and treat the physical and non-physical bodies.

No previous aerial yoga experience or flexibility required, our goal is that everyone feels comfortable and supported in their practice.

We are excited to weave these beautiful techniques together into one immersive experience.

Event Overview

February 3, 2024
7 - 9 pm
Banff Yoga Practice
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