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First Nations

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The Banff Indian Trading Post

Selling First Nations handicrafts, the Banff Indian Trading Post is likely the oldest gift shop in Banff that has continuously operated since the early 1900s. Originally operating as the Sign of the Goat Curio Shop, Norman Luxton moved the shop from the Stoney Native Reserve at Morley to the town of Banff. Today it stands near the shores of the Bow River and continues to sell First Nations handicrafts.

Bring this story to life:
  • Visit the Banff Indian Trading Post and browse through their collection of jewelry, moccasins, peace pipes and more
  • Learn more about “Mr. Banff,” Norman Luxton
  • Write about the mystery of the merman on display at the Banff Indian Trading Post

Banff Indian Days

Who knew a dance could save the day? In 1889, a rockslide blocked the Canadian Pacific Railway near Banff. It soon became obvious that the passengers would be stranded for a few days. The railway manager called on the Stoney First Nations people to provide entertainment for the passengers. The Stoney people did just that, and what was supposed to be a one-time gig turned into an annual event. Banff Indian Days continued until 1978 and, in 2004, Stoney people began to rekindle the celebrations.

Bring this story to life:
  • Learn more about the First Nations at the Whyte Museum’s “Gateway to the Rockies” exhibit
  • Attend the Banff Iiniskim Powwow to watch and participate in a lively, unique, and uplifting celebration of culture through traditional song and dance.