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Legends & Myths

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The Banff Big Foot

The legend of Big Foot, also known as a Yeti or Sasquatch, is alive and well in Banff National Park. To date, the ape-like creature remains elusive and no one can prove its existence. Yet some claim to have encountered Big Foot and are determined to show the world. Does Big Foot really exist? Man in an ape suit or the real deal?

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The Lake of the Water Spirits - Lake Minnewanka’s Merman

Half-man, half-fish, the mummified remains of a “merman” can be found at the Banff Indian Trading Post. With sharp teeth, wide eye sockets and a fish tail on its lower half, the merman was reportedly pulled from Lake Minnewanka. Others believe that Banff Indian Trading Post founder, Norman Luxton, purchased it from Japan. Legend also has it that Luxton and his brother constructed the creature. Come develop your own theory! 

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