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Top Ten Summer Must-Do’s

Banff National Park is not just about sightseeing; it’s also about sight-doing. There are so many activities to choose from – from water sports, to hiking, climbing, golfing and biking – that it’s pretty much impossible to fit them all in one trip. Come for a sampling of activities in Banff and you’ll walk away with a pretty solid list of favourites.

Bring this story to life:
  • Participate in a number of activities, such as a float trip, guided hiking, rock climbing, a round of golf and biking, and write about the experiences you’d recommend to others
  • Talk to the staff at our Information Centres about their most popular choices
  • Try something you’ve never tried before, such as horseback riding

Fondue with a View

As if a breathtaking view isn’t reward enough after hiking, imagine you can also enjoy a chocolate fondue, complete with fruit for dipping! Join guides Nadine Fletcher and Joel Hagen for an interpretive hike to one of the Rockies’ stunning viewpoints. They’ll tell you all about the history, wildlife and flora, then treat you to a tasty chocolate fondue, made with award-winning Belgian chocolate from Bernard Callebaut!

Bring this story to life:

  • Get more details from Great Divide Nature Interpretation
  • Experience Fondue with a View for yourself

Camping in Banff National Park

Banff National Park is a camper’s dream, no matter his or her idea of a ‘night out under the stars.’ Campers can choose from 13 Parks Canada campgrounds (tent or RV), or get away from the road and hike to sites located in beautiful alpine meadows, near crystal-clear streams or sub-alpine forests of the backcountry.

Bring this story to life:
  • Camp on your next visit to Banff National Park.
  • Write a “Top 5 Backcountry Campsites” and highlight each site’s special features
  • Highlight the “Bare” Campsite Program at Banff National Park campsites.
  • Learn more about camping in Banff National Park on the Parks Canada website.

Road Biking in Banff National Park

Banff National Park boasts some of the most scenic roads in the world, making it a road biker’s dream, no matter how far they like to ride. Wind your way past Castle Mountain on the Bow Valley Parkway; along stunning mountain lakes; through a narrow valley, where peaks and glaciers rise on either side; or down the Legacy Trail, which takes you 22 kms from the town of Banff to the east park gates. These are just some of the options you can explore in Banff National Park.

Bring this story to life:
  • Look at some of the suggested road cycling routes here.

Banff’s Best Picnic Areas

A sunny afternoon is the perfect invitation to pack up some food, a blanket, Frisbee and whatever else will make for a great time in the outdoors with family and friends. Add in some mountain views and glacier-fed lakes and Banff National Park provides a picnic experience you won’t soon forget. Whether you’re en route to your next destination or looking for somewhere to lie down and read a book for an afternoon, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect spot.

Bring this story to life:
  • Come and explore the picnic possibilities in Banff and create a Top 5 Picnic Spots
  • Test the picnic potential at some of our favourite spots near the town of Banff, such as Johnson Lake, Two Jack Lake, Vermilion Lake, the “Green Spot” (you’ll see it looking up at the Norquay Road), and Banff’s Central Park
  • Outside of the town of Banff, enjoy your lunch near the rushing waters of the Bow River in the Lake Louise Village or one of the many roadside pullouts along the Icefields Parkway, and include your suggestions in a recommended itinerary for other travellers

Mountain Biking in Banff National Park

For mountain bikers, big hills and rocky, rooty trails make for some adventurous riding. There’s no shortage of runs here in Banff and Lake Louise that’ll have you pushing your bike back up for another go. In Banff National Park, mountain biking grants you spectacular views and exciting downhills.

Bring this story to life:
  • Rent a bike and go for a spin on some of our trails. A locals' favourite is the Lake Minnewanka Shoreline trail.