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Jess Ambrus, Visitor Centre

Meet Local Expert Jess

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If you had just one more day in Banff and Lake Louise, what would you do? 

I would start with a sunrise paddle at Lake Louise, followed a buffet breakfast at the Lake Louise Inn (the parmesan home fries and banana bread French toast are to die for). Next up, I’d take a scenic drive up the Icefields Parkway and would finish the day with rooftop beers at Rose & Crown

What is the question that you get asked most by visitors? 

Q: "Where can we see the Northern Lights?"

A: First and foremost, the Northern Lights are an unpredictable natural phenomenon. I would recommend checking Aurora Watch where you can see the current probability of witnessing the aurora that night. If the likelihood is high and it is a clear night then the best places to see them would be out of town at Lake Minnewanka, Vermillion Lakes, or anywhere on the Icefields Parkway heading North. 

What’s your best tip for people planning a visit to Banff and Lake Louise? 

The wildlife found in Banff National Park is special because it is in fact wild. If you're lucky enough to see wildlife during your visit, please give the animals the space and respect they need and never feed the wildlife. Learn more about the wildlife in Banff National Park here. 

What’s your best off-the-beaten-path tip, secret ski spot, or lesser-known hiking trail in Banff and Lake Louise? 

The Bow River Loop Trail in the Village of Lake Louise is one of my personal favourites that is often missed by many. Although it is a very easy trail in comparison to all the hiking at Lake Louise or Moraine Lake it doesn’t fall short in terms of views. 

What is something that most people don’t know about Banff and Lake Louise? 

Banff National Park was first known as "Rocky Mountains Park of Canada" after the Canadian government recognized the need to protect the natural hot springs discovered on Sulphur Mountain. It was the world's third National Park after Yellowstone in the U.S and Royal National Park in Australia.   

Any foodie tips for hungry travelers? 

If you are looking for a unique and memorable experience at one of Banff’s most famous restaurants, head to the Grizzly House downtown Banff. Here you can indulge in fondue, both cheese and chocolate, exotic meats cooked yourself on a sizzling hot rock such as Buffalo, Rattlesnake, and Shark, and bask in the amazing history and charming atmosphere of what once was a disco nightclub.

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