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Lianne - Visitor Services

Meet Local Expert Lianne

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If you had just one more day in Banff and Lake Louise, what would you do? 

Everything local in the Banff townsite! I have lived here for almost 20 years and this little town has grown on me so much. I would start the morning by hiking Tunnel Mountain, this hike is about 2 hours round trip and has the most stunning views of the town. Then I would head to The Banff Fudgery for a tasty Banff treat, a bear claw. Next, I would make my way to The Banff Farmers Market where I always run into all my favourite people from around town and we usually gather in Central Park and listen to the live local talent.  I couldn’t end my time here without stopping at my favourite pub, Tommy’s Neighbourhood Pub

What is the question that you get asked most by visitors? 

Q: “Where can I see the ‘best’ view?” 

A: We are in a National Park and are surrounded by gorgeous views. Every lake, waterfall, river and mountain are unique and beautiful in their own way. A couple of my favourite spots around town would be watching the sunrise at Vermillion lakes, taking a stroll down to Bow Falls and of course you can’t forget iconic Lake Louise. 

What’s your best tip for people planning a visit to Banff and Lake Louise? 

You never know what sort of weather you’re going to get in the mountains. It’s always hard to predict but just remember you can have fun in any type of weather you just have to make the most of it and be prepared. I love to tell people to look at our webcam page on our website to check out the weather, live, any time of year. 

What’s your best off-the-beaten-path tip, secret ski spot, or lesser-known hiking trail in Banff and Lake Louise? 

Wildflower season is my favourite time of year which is usually late July and early August. Healy Pass is a longer hike but is one of the best for wildflower viewing.  

What is something that most people don’t know about Banff and Lake Louise? 

Parks Canada introduced the park’s first and only mountain bike guide permit this year to Claire McCann owner of Bikescapes. With this new license, Bikescapes are able to offer coaching, interpretive tours and customized experiences for our visitors. 

Any foodie tips for hungry travelers? 

The town of Banff has incredible restaurants and talented chefs.  I can find something on each and every menu to rave about from any restaurant in town, but just recently I learned about Alberta’s 7 signature foods and the restaurants which highlight them. The foods are Alberta beef, Bison, Canola, Honey, Red Fife Wheat, Root Vegetables and Saskatoon Berries. For foodies, I recommend exploring some of these unique restaurants in Banff that highlight local Alberta foods: 1888 Chophouse, Mount Fairview Dining Room, Eden, Juniper Bistro, Chuck’s Steakhouse or The Sky Bistro at the top of the Banff Gondola. 

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