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Who we are

We are the destination marketing organization for Banff National Park, which means we promote the destination as a whole to potential visitors from around the world. When a business becomes a member, they become part of the story we share. 


Our team is constantly in the marketplace attracting visitors to the area so our members' businesses thrive. Below is a summary of the various channels we use to promote visitation.


Content Development: The Consumer Marketing team is constantly building content based on consumer insights and business needs. The content that is produced is brand-aligned and serves the whole destination in helping convey indelible awe to consumers. Storytelling is at the heart of all the content produced and provides the core of the marketing efforts of the department.

Digital Marketing: By keeping up-to-date (and looking ahead) at marketing trends the Consumer Marketing team is finding the most efficient and effective ways to share content with consumers in the digital space. Using sophisticated targeting and audience insights the team delivers the right message, at the right time, to the right consumer. By having a complete member profile on BLLT’s website, and a robust digital offering of their own, members can have greater success tapping into BLLT’s digital efforts.

The CM team lives and breathes consumer data. Driven by insights and inspired by our brand, they work hard to create always-on content that’s focused on telling enriching wellness, adventure, ski and culinary stories about our destination.

Media Relations: Banff and Lake Louise has an incredible reputation as an international tourist destination. The Consumer Marketing team works with media partners and influencers from around the world to protect and expand that reputation and tell our story through their eyes. By participating in media visits members can help tell their part of the story.


MICE Canada and MICE U.S./International: Our Team is responsible for lead generation and working with members to support conversion of MICE business for Banff and Lake Louise. They are responsible for market growth and increasing room nights through a variety of business development efforts with meeting planners and agencies. The MICE team attends sales missions, focus on meeting-specific advertising campaigns in key markets, conduct business development trips, and drive leads and service requests to our members.

Travel Trade – The Americas, Australia, Europe & Asia: Our team continuously with tour operators, wholesalers and travel agents from around the globe. Their focus is to develop new business by executing marketing campaigns which help support and grow business from this trade channel. This team will drive BLLT member referrals for new and existing tours, create opportunities to network with key contacts, and generate opportunities to participate in FAM tours hosted in Banff and Lake Louise.


Ice Magic Festival, Lake Louise, Banff National Park

Visitor Service: Our Visitor Experience Specialists provide authentic and trusted local knowledge before, during and after a visitor’s trip.  In addition to the traditional bricks & mortar locations (2 in the Town of Banff, 1 in Lake Louise and 1 in Field), we go to where the visitors are with mobile sites and through social media to add value to their travel. Members are exclusively represented at these locations and can provide brochures as well as host or meet with the Visitor Experience Specialists to familiarize them with your business.

Events and Animation:  Our team produce events to drive visitation in the shoulder and winter seasons, to increase room nights and occupancy by providing motivating and enticing reasons to visit our destination. Animation brings the brand to life and fuels traveller advocacy ensuring all visitors are touched by the indelible awe and will share their moments and experiences throughout the destination with like-minded travellers. 

We go where the visitor is. 

Member Engagement:  Our Member Engagement Manager is the point person in Banff & Lake Louise Tourism for all members. They organize industry events, manage communication and facilitate advisory groups to provide the organization and members with channels for feedback and two-way dialogue. They deliver relevant information and tools supporting emerging trends and preparing for changes that could impact our visitor economy.


The Banff/Lake Louise Tourism Bureau was incorporated in November 1991 with the support of the local business community. Its founding purposes were to market Banff National Park as a world class year-round destination and provide destination marketing, public relations, and visitor information services.  


Inspire the world to experience the indelible awe of Banff and Lake Louise.


A bold and disciplined marketing organization committed to the growth of our tourism economy and curation of our brand.


Each team member within Banff & Lake Louise Tourism embodies the below set of values. 


We constantly strive to do the right thing – for our visitors, our partners, our environment and ourselves. We stay true to ourselves and this place by taking the time to assess and understand situations before making decisions. Our motivations and actions are genuine.


We value each other. We succeed as a team, each playing an important role in bringing this place to life. We support one another in working toward common goals, and celebrate those accomplishments together. All based on a shared belief that we can achieve much more as a group than we can on our own.


We believe in each other and the goals we’re working towards. We embrace challenges and adversity by pushing forward with optimism, enthusiasm and an unbreakable spirit.


We don’t believe in standing still, or simply waiting for great things to happen to us. We’re motivated and inspired to make them happen. We work towards our goals every day, pushing forward and making headway. We may stop along the way to make sure that our path is correct, but make no mistake, we are striving for the summit.