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2020 Advisory Groups

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Ongoing member input is integral to developing and delivering on our destination business plan. We seek representation from a wide range of members, with advisory groups focused on:

  • Destination Communications:  Ensuring destination key-messaging from BLLT, stakeholders and members is aligned.  Topics of discussion may include transit and parking, weather and smoke, park stewardship and responsible visitation, community engagement and TIF messaging, as well as crisis communication planning.

  • Travel Trade:  Sharing insights and international market trends and best practices to support growth opportunities for Banff and Lake Louise.

  • M.I.C.E.:  Providing industry insight, and feedback to support lead generation, opportunity generation and education development of M.I.C.E. business for Banff and Lake Louise.

  • Consumer Marketing:  Sharing marketing insights and best practices to support content to tell the destination story in innovative ways.

  • Lake Louise:  Sharing knowledge and insights of business trends, business development opportunities, summer traffic communication planning and industry networking.


To adequately fulfil their advisory role, members of the advisory group will be:

  • In a middle-management or higher role for at least three years within either a Full or Associate Member organization, or a Stakeholder organization.

  • Experienced and skilled in areas relevant to the advisory group’s mandate.

More specifically, advisory group participants will reflect a cross-section of the following:

  • Strategic planning skills;

  • Independent and informed, with a firm understanding that the advisory group serves the interests of the destination before those of their own organization;

  • Strong communication skills – positive, enthusiastic, problem solver;

  • Team-player - collaborative, dependable, inclusive.

In addition to the above, the Advisory Group participants ideally have the following:

  • Destination Communications:  Communications experience supporting public engagement with a range of audiences including key stakeholders and media.

  • Travel Trade:  Experience participating in in-market activities with Travel Trade team (ie: Tradeshows, Sales Missions, FAMs, etc.) and experience working with and selling product and experiences to receptive tour operators, tour operators and travel agents.

  • M.I.C.E.:  Experience executing M.I.C.E. events (conferences, meetings, receptions etc.).  Knowledge within the Canadian and U.S. markets (international being an asset).  Experience with in-market activities with M.I.C.E. focus (ie: Conferences, Sales Missions, Site Visits, BDTs, etc.).  Ability to share insight on M.I.C.E. trends and business levels in support of the destination efforts.

  • Consumer Marketing:  Experience with digital marketing, including social channels, search engine, e-mail marketing, and traditional  channels. Experience in developing strategic content, including owned, earned and paid.

  • Lake Louise:  All members and stakeholders  (LLAB, ID9, Parks Canada) in Lake Louise are invited to participate.

Terms of Reference:

To understand more about the participation guidelines, please read the Advisory Group Terms of Reference.  

Meeting Dates:

Each Advisory Group will be three times annually, in January, April and June.  Specific dates to be determined.


The application period is now closed, however if you are interested in participating in a future meeting, or to obtain a copy of recent meeting notes, please contact the Member & Board Relations Manager at