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How to become a member

This page provides information about how to become a Member of Banff & Lake Louise Tourism. We have three categories of membership:

  • Member - Resident: Operating a business in the Town of Banff
  • Member - Contractual: Operating a business within Banff National Park (but outside of the Town of Banff boundary)
  • Member - Associate: Operating or have an existing business outside of Banff National Park but operate within the boundaries of Banff National Park. 

For information on how to become a Member, see the relevant category below.


If you are opening a new business in Banff, you are required to have a business license from the Town of Banff. This includes a membership to Banff & Lake Louise Tourism, the destination marketing organization for Banff National Park. 

Your membership provides access to benefits which include:

  • Listing on
  • Industry newsletters.
  • Brochure distribution and services at the Visitor Information Centres.
  • Attending industry workshops and meetings and voting at our Annual General Meeting.


If you have an existing business or are opening a business within Banff National Park (outside of the boundaries of the Town of Banff), you are eligible for Contractual Membership. To find out more information or to apply, please contact Nancy Dadalt at


If you have a non-resident business, you may be eligible to apply for Associate Membership with Banff & Lake Louise Tourism. Subject to our by-laws, your primary business (as determined by our Board of Directors) must be within the following categories: Transportation, Attractions and Entertainment, or Service business sectors. Businesses that fall into the following categories are not eligible to apply: Lodging, Restaurants/Bars, Retail, or Ski Areas. 

You must complete and submit the application form. Your application will be reviewed and assessed by our Board of Directors. If you would like more information on Associate Membership, please contact Althea Smith-Hay at

Eligibility for Full Membership
  • Any person, corporation, or organization that is a resident business shall be eligible for full membership with Banff & Lake Louise Tourism.
  • Any person, corporation, or organization that is not a resident business, but is a resident in Banff National Park or in the Town of Banff, including charitable organizations, not for profit organizations, and professionals shall be eligible for full membership in accordance with sub-Article 2.4 of the By-laws.
  • Any person, corporation, or organization that is a non-resident business, or does not reside in Banff National Park (including the Town of Banff), or operates a sale office shall not be eligible for full membership.