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Board of Directors

Banff & Lake Louise Tourism (BLLT) is a member-based organization governed by a Board of Directors. The board consists of twelve elected members, each of whom is elected by a defined business category, and two appointed Directors, one representing Parks Canada and one representing the Town of Banff. Elected Directors serve a term of three years. For a more detailed Board of Director Position Profile click here.

The responsibilities of the Board of Directors are for the overall management and control of BLLT subject to the organization’s by-laws

List of board members

Improvement District #9
Dave Riley Sunshine Ski Resort
Lake Louise
Robin Locke Lake Louise Ski Resort
Gregor Resch Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Howard R. Jang Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity
Shawn Birch Banff Caribou Properties
Stavros Karlos Banff Hospitality Collective
Francis Hopkins Grizzly House Banff
Chelsea Cudmore Cool As A Moose
Catherine Mackie Lolë Banff
Mark Hendrikse Pursuit Collection
Pete Woods SkiBig3
Transportation, Attractions, & Entertainment
Jonathan Welsh Discover Banff Tours
Parks Canada
Dave McDonough Parks Canada
Rick Kubian (Alternate) Parks Canada
Town of Banff
Karen Sorensen Town of Banff
Brian Standish (Alternate) Town of Banff

Role of Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is accountable to the members of BLLT for the following:

  • Ensuring the actions and expenditures of BLLT do not fall outside of the objects of the organization.
  • Establishing the mission, vision, goals and expected results for BLLT.
  • Providing overall strategic direction for BLLT, and ensuring that an effective strategic planning and monitoring process is in place.
  • Appointing the CEO who is accountable for meeting the Board’s expectations for the performance of BLLT.
  • Reviewing and approving the annual report, including the audited financial statements, to be presented to the membership of BLLT at the Annual General Meeting.


All Directors must agree to:

  • Align themselves and their actions with the mission, vision and values of BLLT;
  • Lead by example – act in a way that exemplifies what is expected of each other and of the employees of BLLT;
  • Work together – bring out the best in each other and create strong and successful working relationships;
  • Respect the individual – respect people for who they are, their knowledge, skills and experience as individuals and team members;
  • Seek the facts and provide insight – challenge assumptions and pursue facts;
  • Be open and honest – sharing information, insight and advice frequently, constructively, and manage tough situations with courage and candor; and
  • Act with integrity.
  • Be responsible for being fully familiar with the business of BLLT and current on relevant matters;
  • Comply with all laws, rules, regulations and Bylaws of BLLT;
  • Be prepared for board and committee deliberation and discussion;
  • Participate in concert with other Directors and Committee Members in the decision making process of the Board of Directors and Committees;
  • Maintain in confidence any confidential information revealed to them in their capacity as Directors and/or Committee Members;
  • Disclose all possible conflicts of their duty to act in the best interest of BLLT and their self-interest;
  • Disclose the nature and extent of any self-interest or possible conflict they as Directors and/or Committee Members might have in a material contract or proposed material contract with BLLT;
  • Use influence with their own community to enhance the mission, vision and values of BLLT;
  • Act as an ambassador and spokesperson for BLLT;
  • Attend on a punctual bases, at least 75% of all regularly scheduled board meetings, including the Annual General Meeting, Annual Budget Review and Annual Strategy Retreat (applicable to Board Members), and 75% of the committee meetings of which they are members;
  • Show support for the BLLT by regularly attending BLLT sponsored or supported events; and
  • Represent BLLT to the members and be accessible to the members as required.

For detailed information on the Code of Conduct for Directors and Committee Members, please click here.  



  • Wednesday, January 29 – Noon
  • Wednesday, March 25 – Noon
  • Tuesday, April 28 – AGM - 6:00pm - Whyte Museum
  • Wednesday, April 29 – Noon
  • Wednesday, May 27 - Noon
  • Wednesday, June 24 – Noon
  • Wednesday, September 23 – Noon
  • Wednesday, October 28 – Noon
  • Wednesday, December 2 – Noon


  • Wednesday, January 27 - Noon
  • Wednesday, March 24 - Noon

General Competencies


Strategic thinking

Capable of envisioning a direction; understands process and is committed to following them; looks for opportunity.

Good business acumen

Is capable of understanding and evaluating strategic plans and reports – identifies opportunities.

Proficient in finance (operational and
oversight functions)

Understands and is experienced in operational finance and financial oversight. 

Effective communication and listening

Gives and receives information with clarity, attentiveness, understanding and perception.

Ability to engage productively in crucial

Proficient in engaging in productive conversation that creates significant shifts in attitude and behaviour when conversation is charged emotionally.

Curious and engaged

Invests time learning about the sector and the destination as a whole; Demonstrates commitment to applying learnings to advancing strategy.

Effective team player realizing the
importance of Independent thinking skills

Is inclusive and recognizes accomplishments of the group; maintains own convictions while still honouring and respecting the team.

Knowledge of Risk Management

Understands accountabilities and liabilities as it relates to the Governance of the Board; Human Resources and Legal responsibilities.


Ability to support what has been agreed to around the board table and move forward with one united voice.

If you would like to receive a copy of the minutes from any board of directors meetings, please contact Althea Smith-Hay at

Board of directors eligibility, terms & seats  


The qualification of elected Directors are as follows:

(a) an elected Director must:

(i) be a Full Member himself/herself or the Nominee of a Full Member (and the Chairperson may request written verification thereof from the Full Member); and,

(ii) that Full Member must be a member of the Business Category for which a Board vacancy exists;

(b) an Associate Member shall not qualify as a Director;

(c) no person shall be elected or appointed as a Director if he or she has not attained the age of 18 years, if he or she is an undischarged bankrupt or has been declared a mentally incompetent person or incapable of managing his or her affairs by a court of competent jurisdiction;

(d) if a Nominee of a Full Member is elected as a Director and during that Directors term he or she ceases to be the nominee of the Full Member due to sale of the Members business, termination of employment, retirement or other similar event, then that person shall cease to qualify as a Director;

(e) if a Full Member is suspended or expelled from Membership under these By-laws, the Nominee of that Full Member shall cease, as of the effective date of the suspension or expulsion, to qualify as a director; and,

(f) all Directors who are elected prior to the coming into force of these By-laws shall, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary herein regarding his or her eligibility, shall continue to be eligible as a Director for the remained of his/her current term. At the end of his/her current term, to continue as a Director he/she must qualify under these By-laws.


Any number of Nominees of a Full Member may be placed in nomination, however, no Full Member or body corporate that is a Related Corporation to a Full Member (even if that Related Corporation is a Full Member) may have more than 1 Nominee elected to the Board at any one time, regardless of the number of Memberships, separate Business Licenses that Full Member or that Related Corporation may hold and regardless of the number of separate Business Categories/Business Communities that Full Member or that Related Corporation may belong to. In the event that 2 or more Nominees of a Full Member or body corporate that is a Related Corporation to a Full Member are nominated as Directors all but the Nominee who received the greatest number of votes shall be declared ineligible to be elected.


Elected directors may only serve for two consecutive three-year terms. Directors who have served for two consecutive three-year terms are eligible for re-election after a waiting period of three years.


The elected directors will take office immediately following the Annual General Meeting.


Unless authorized by special resolution, the Directors serve without remuneration, however, the board has the authority to pay any reasonable expenses in connection with any meeting held and any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses necessarily incurred by the Directors in fulfilling their responsibilities.


Upcoming elections for Board of Director positions representing the following business categories are as follows:

2020 2021 2022
1 x Lodging 1 x Lodging 1 x Lodging
1 x Retail 1 x Restaurant 1 x Restaurant
1 x TAE 1 x Ski Areas 1 x Retail
    1 x Service
    1 x ID9
    1 x Lake Louise

To find out more information about the nomination and election process, please contact Althea Smith-Hay at