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April 2 | Are you signed up for an online CRA account?

It is recommended for both businesses and individuals to be proactive and sign up for an online CRA account if you haven’t already, in case you need to apply for benefits at a later date.


All employers are invited to register to access the Basecamp HR Portal managed by BLLHA. The portal includes HR essentials critical to navigating these challenging times, including:

  • Access to daily Q&A livestreams with Elevated HR and recordings of past sessions;
  • Access to files, folders, templates, posters and FAQ documents;
  • Materials to share with staff, including valuable information on EI and other government support;
  • Mental health resources;
  • Access to chat with, and ask questions of colleagues;
  • Information on how to prepare your business for COVID-19 and how to support your team through these challenging times.

To register, please contact  

NOTE: You do not need to be a member of BLLHA to access the portal. ALL Banff and Lake Louise businesses are encouraged to take advantage of this valuable resource.

March 24 | Staff accommodation information released

To learn more about how to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Alberta Health Services have shared a new fact sheet. Highlights include:

  • Have enough supplies on hand for proper hand hygiene, including soap and warm running water.

  • Ensure staff are not sharing drying towels. Either provide paper towels or hot air driers, single use laundered cloth towels, or educate staff about using their own towels only and keeping towels in their own spaces.

  • Have sufficient cleaning and disinfecting supplies in each accommodation.

  • Provide masks for any residents with respiratory symptoms.

  • Provide tissues and garbage bins for use by residents. No-touch garbage cans are preferred for disposal of items.

  • Consider adding hand sanitizer (alcohol-based hand rub-ABHR with greater than 60% alcohol) stations to supplement handwashing. 

  • Post signage encouraging hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette throughout the facility.

  • Keep 2 meter spacing between beds.

Posters that can be used:

If you need help planning for a potential case in your facility or managing a case in your facility, email

The Government of Canada has announced support for employers

Find that information here.

The Government of Alberta has announced support for employers

Find that information here

Access to small business supports through BDC and EDC 

BDC and EDC will deliver the $10 billion dollar business credit availability program. This includes access for small businesses to three funding sources through BDC/EDC:

Business owners can also speak to BDC Advisory Services Experts for support to review their financial management and operations.

BDC Clients are instructed to reach out to their account managers or go to Client Space account (via to make a financing request quickly and communicate with their account manager.

Non-BDC Clients are instructed to call 1-877-232-2269 (open 7 days a week, 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday) or email at

Government of Canada announces wage subsidies, new EI supports and benefits

The Government is offering a new wage subsidy for employers who can keep people employed despite lower workloads, as well as new EI programs for those who are sick, or don’t currently qualify for EI supports. They are also offering Canada Child Benefits for over 3.5 million families with children, mortgage supports and tax deferral options.

You can now find all the details you and your employees will need in the Government’s Economic Response Plan online.

Banff Daycare refunds for those who have paid past March

A motion was passed by the Banff Daycare Society. They will be refunding all parents who have already paid for services past March 16, 2020. They will not be holding credits for families, every eligible family will be issued a refund, and fees will be deducted / payable in advance again on reopening.

For more information email