Advisory Groups

Member input and engagement is important to us.

Banff and Lake Louise Tourism facilitates advisory groups to help build and deliver on the annual destination business plan and the strategic framework. It is an opportunity for members to help provide insights and work directly alongside our team in building plans for the upcoming year. The groups are broken into several succinct niche areas of focus — identified from previous groups.   

In 2020, our initial Advisory Groups launched in January, and were focused on the following:  

In a post-COVID-19 tourism economy, member and stakeholder engagement will be even more critical to building and executing on our recovery plans in both the short and long term. During this period of rethinking and retooling how we achieve our objectives, the Advisory Groups will play an integral part of consultation process. The structure, focus areas and timing, however, will likely vary considerably from our traditional model.   

Although these Advisory Groups have been currently suspended as we reassess our needs, rest assured we intend to continue to consult with, and garner insights from, members and key partners as we move forward.   

Please check back often for updates and opportunities as we continue with our planning. 

For questions or concerns, please contact the Member & Board Relations Manager at