Messages for visitors

To remind visitors of the public health measures that took effect, December 13, 2020, we have compiled a list of key messages that we want visitors who choose to travel to Banff and Lake Louise over the next 28 days to understand and remember. These messages are aligned with the Provincial regulations as well as with the Town of Banff and Parks Canada.  They are available for you to use when interacting with your visitors. 

Plan ahead if you choose to visit

The province is currently in Step 1 of the Path Forward until further notice:  

  • Ensure you are aware of all public health measures and travel guidelines currently in place. 

  • If you’re travelling to Banff and Lake Louise, know that businesses have made adjustments based on health and safety and the enhanced measures.    

  • Be sure to call the individual businesses ahead of time to ensure you understand any changes.   

  • Social gatherings are not permitted anywhere indoors. 

  • Outdoor social gatherings are permitted with up to 10 people with physical distancing and other precautions in place.

  • Services are limited as businesses are continuing to adjust opening hours to ensure the safety of staff and the community.  

    • Visitor Centres are closed until further notice.

    • Washroom facilities in lower use areas may be closed. 

    • Restaurants, pubs, bars, lounges and cafes can open for take-out, delivery and in-person patio/outdoor seating only, with restrictions.  Please phone ahead before making plans to dine out.  Many restaurants have adjusted their hours of operation and reservations policies under current public health measures.

    • Retail stores are open but operating at a significantly reduced capacity.  

    • Hotels are open but spas, pools and indoor social areas and indoor in-person dining are closed.  Room service may be available.  

    • Entertainment and indoor recreation facilities are closed. 

    • Libraries, museums, interpretive centres and galleries are closed until further notice.  

    • Recreational facilities, including fitness centres, recreation centres, pools, spas, gyms, studios, indoor rinks and arenas are closed, excepting only some one-on-one training.  See the  public health measures  for details.

    • Bowling alleys, legions and private clubs are closed.  

    • Some personal and wellness services, including hair salons, nail salons, massage, tattoos, and piercing are open by appointment only.  

    • Ski resorts are in operation and implementing COVID-19 safety measures. Please plan ahead and understand these measures before you go.   

    • Many other outdoor recreation related activities are also available with adjustments based on health and safety and the additional measures.  

  • Contact Visitor Services for help if you can’t find the information you’re looking for.   

    • Our helpful Visitor Services staff are available 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Direct Messaging on our social channels, Live Chat, by phone or email.  

  • Come prepared with your own “COVID-kit” including a mask, water, snacks, hand sanitizer or wipes.   

  • If you are not feeling well, stay home. 

  • Visit for the most updated information. 

Help protect one another if you choose to explore Banff and Lake Louise

Help protect one another and reduce the spread of COVID-19 by taking extra precautions while exploring Banff and Lake Louise. 

If you’re visiting Banff and Lake Louise, help protect one another and reduce the spread of COVID-19 by taking extra precautions when exploring. 
  • The health and safety of our community and visitors is the number one priority.   

  • Masks should be worn anywhere indoors, and outdoors, where maintaining a 2-metre distance might be difficult.     

    • Masks are mandatory in indoor public spaces and outside in Banff’s downtown core. See map

    • For up-to-date FAQs consult the Town of Banff website.  

    • Masks are encouraged to be worn anywhere you cannot maintain a 2-metre distance, including on trails.  

    • Masks should complement – not replace – other prevention measures. Continue physical distancing and practicing good hand hygiene, and if you’re sick, choose to stay home rather than visit Banff and Lake Louise. 

  • Maintain physical distancing at all times while exploring, when on a trail and avoid trails that are too narrow to allow 2 metre distancing when you pass someone. 

Brand Guidelines

Good brands have personality. Great ones have a story that unites partners and puts a purpose behind every initiative.   You may not realize it, but every member plays an integral role in building our brand by contributing to the story that helps guests decide to visit our amazing destination in the first place.

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