Alberta Health Services FAQs

Are clear, plastic masks, considered acceptable for staff?  

Wait staff and servers who cannot be protected by two metres of distance or a physical barrier should wear a cloth or surgical mask. Face shields are not currently being recommended by Alberta Health. Wearing a face shield does not mean you do not need to wear a mask, as a face shield protects the eyes from large respiratory droplets, not the mouth.  

What is AHS' position on glove use in the workplace; when to use them and use of hand sanitizer on gloves?   

Gloves can create a false sense of security and are often used incorrectly. If gloves are used incorrectly the risk of contamination is the same as for an unwashed bare hand. Whether you use gloves or not, handwashing is absolutely required.  

For Plexiglas barriers, are they mandated to be a minimum of 6ft high?   

AHS has not indicated a specific height requirement for physical barriers between booths, as the height is dependent on the people (both staff and patrons) who will be interacting with it. For example, the barrier must be of sufficient height to prevent the spread of droplets while an individual is sitting or standing beside it. Most businesses AHS has engaged with are using six to eight foot barriers.  

Is the six feet between parties from chair to chair or face to face?   

Yes, the six foot space requirement is between people (chairs), not tables. 

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