Media Highlights – July 2020

Our earned media efforts this month were focused on COVID-19-related subject matter, including the news of mandatory masks in Banff. We continued to see a lot of travel media coverage, with key themes including Canada Day, August long weekend and F&B, with coverage of Banff’s new restaurants. 

In July we saw 260 earned stories, with a potential reach of 71,824,557 and an average Media Quality Score (MQS) of 7.5. 

Highlights included:   

In case you were wondering... 

Our MQS is determined by a third party that analyzes media coverage and considers context so that the sentiment, quality, and various other metrics can be determined. Each article is scored based on the presence or absence of 11 elements, which allows us to confidently state the impact each of them had. It enables us to reliably understand the perception of our brand, both positive and negative, across traditional and emerging media, with trust in the veracity of the data being used to make such assessments. Ultimately, we can extract meaningful insights into the effectiveness of our communication efforts and pin point what exactly is helping us achieve our business goals.