Volunteer group provides support for residents self-isolating

November was a challenging month for Bow Valley residents, as confirmed COVID-19 case numbers continued to rise and contact tracing required many people to self-isolate. With so many people having to quarantine, Aurora Borin wanted to offer assistance to anyone in need. Through a social media post, she offered to pick up and deliver groceries, mail, medication and other essentials to anyone self-isolating. The post quickly drew attention from others who wanted to help, and with that, the Three Communities – One Valley support group was born. Coordinated by Aurora (Banff), Danielle Morine (Lake Louise) and Brenda Stanton (Canmore), the group provides pick-up and delivery services for residents in all three communities.    

“I looked at it as, if I’m in isolation, chances are most of my network is too. We need to make sure that people stay put if they’re in isolation and offer them the ability to just give us a call so we can help them out with whatever they need,” said Stanton of her initial involvement in the initiative.   

Further, in order to ensure the human chain from Canmore, to Banff, to Lake Louise can operate, Roam Transit agreed to provide vouchers to volunteers who need to travel between the communities in order to  fulfill orders and make deliveries. 

Recently, the group expanded services to include pick-up and delivery of more than just essentials, with Christmas shopping and self-care in mind. “All of us want to help our small businesses as much as we can and we can help with that. We want people to know that they don’t have to order from a big box store.” said Stanton. The group is also happy to offer pick-up and delivery for non-essential items so those in isolation have access to their creature comforts. 

The delivery schedule is currently Tuesdays and Fridays and the group is considering offering service on Christmas day to deliver meals to those in isolation from restaurants that aren’t able to provide delivery. They are also looking to facilitate ways for people to connect virtually over the holidays. 

To schedule services, or to volunteer, email bowvalleyisolations@gmail.com, or text 403-679-3340.