Tools and Resources

Banff & Lake Louise Tourism is dedicated to providing resources and recommendations to assist you in the process of operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below you will find useful tools that will help to ensure your business effectively engages with visitors and customers.

Summer Banff and Lake Louise Hiking

Plans & Reports

BLLT's business plan, annual reports, brand overview and more.

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Public transit and transportation Banff National Park Roam

Messages for visitors

We have compiled a list of key messages to share with visitors as we reopen and welcome them back to Banff and Lake Louise.

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Sightseeing Vermilion Lakes - Noel Hendrickson

Multi-Media Library

Regularly refreshed and updated, our multi-media library is home to awe-inspiring high resolution photography and video content.

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Marketing Tools

Alberta Tourism Information System (ATIS)

The Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) is a free digital marketing platform designed by Travel Alberta to help Alberta tourism businesses amplify their marketing efforts.

You can add or update your business listing, create and promote events, and let potential customers know about upcoming offers using ATIS and your content will be shared across multiple marketing channels and websites, including and a diverse network of publishers, websites and apps promoting Alberta as a destination of choice for travellers.  This information is also harvested by the business development team at Travel Alberta to create experience packages for receptive tour operators and other partners. Getting started is easy and free.

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Travel Alberta content marketing resources

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