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Digital Transformation Series with The Social School

COVID-19 has highlighted one of the fastest global transformations in history, shifting consumer behaviours, increasing e-commerce and digital reliance. According to McKinsey and Company's research and data, globally, we leapfrogged five years in consumer and business digital adoption within the first two months of the pandemic alone. Now more than ever, travellers have migrated to digital channels to complete the simplest tasks and a digital-led recovery is essential. It is important to ensure your business is well-positioned in the digital landscape, and the more digitally-savvy businesses we have in Banff and Lake Louise, the more likely we will appeal to potential visitors. We are reaching a time where pent-up demand for travel is at an all-time high, and we need to be ready to compete in a very competitive market when the time is right. Digital optimization of the destination isn’t just about BLLT – it’s a collective effort.  When people are planning their holidays, they want to check out hotels, restaurants, activities, services and shopping. Upping our digital game collectively across all sectors will help us achieve that, and will lead to more bookings. This webinar series is designed to help do that!

Strategic Digital Storytelling May 10 & 13, 2021

Kelly Doody from the Social School covers the following in this two-part webinar:

  • Strategic, targeted mapping of the audiences you're trying to reach, the specific needs and desires of each, and where your unique offering and value proposition fits in;
  • Effective crafting of your modern-day messaging, from taglines and intro statements to headlines, soundbites and social captions that compel and sell;
  • Content audit, topic brainstorming, and guided exercises designed to unearth your latent stories and bring your scroll-stopping expertise to light.

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Simplified SEO April 7 & 9, 2021

Kelly Doody of the Social School returns for this two-part webinar, designed to improve your business’ digital health by increasing website traffic, improving your high-ranking search placement, and growing the overall online visibility.

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Google My Business Masterclass November 10 & 12, 2020

Did you know that as many as 92 per cent of internet users worldwide use Google as their search engine? By far the easiest and cheapest (it’s free!) way to improve your Google presence is to set up and optimize your Google My Business listing. Listen in to the Google My Business (GMB) Masterclass series, presented by the Social School in November, 2020 which walks through both the basic GMB listing optimization, and some lesser known tips and secrets to improving SEO and ensuring potential clients can find you.

Watch part-one now  Watch part-two now

Annual General Meetings and Virtual Town Halls

In order to stay connected with members and ensure we are sharing our plans and results, we host an Annual General Meeting and a series of Virtual Town Hall meetings periodically throughout the year. Catch up on the latest information here.

Health & Safety and Reopening Webinars from 2020

The Health and Safety webinar series were organized to support the Banff & Lake Louise Economic Task Force, which is working to deliver a phased plan to safely and effectively reopen the economy in Banff National Park. The webinars are intended for business owners, GMs or senior managers working in the park. They provide a forum for businesses to ask questions of Kori Woodard, Alberta Health Inspector and special guests throughout various phases of the pandemic.

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