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May 11 | Hotels can use Google My Business to highlight information consumers are searching for 

Hotels can use Google My Business to ensure important information is easily searchable by customers. Once your listing has been updated to reflect changes to your hours of operation or temporary closure, there are additional steps you can take to create a smooth customer interaction at no cost. Be transparent about expected response times, create a Google Form to field questions on cancellation and refund policies, and consider setting up online food ordering for on-property restaurants. Read Google’s user-friendly instructions here.

May 8 | Google My Business: Tips for marketing retail during the pandemic

Is your store currently operating differently due to the pandemic? Are you offering delivery or curb-side collections? Are your customers aware that you’re open in a different capacity? Update your Google My Business with details on your adapted ways of operating. Google My Business is a free marketing tool that can keep your customers informed and engaged. Retailers should check out Google’s guide to Retail businesses affected by COVID-19.


If your food business is affected by COVID-19, update your Google My Business profile to provide the most accurate information to customers. The updates will show on your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps. If you’ve reduced your menu offerings, or have deals or specials to attract customers, update your menu information with these simple instructions.

Is there something important you want to communicate to your customers regarding business operations during COVID-19? Google My Business posts allow you to feature detailed updates on your business, including temporary closures, reduced hours, precautions taken during COVID-19, extra services being provided, any delays, and in the F&B sector, menu items or changes. Ensure you use the “COVID-19 post type” when updating it so that it is clear to customers the post is specifically related to COVID-19.

Keeping your Google My Business listing up-to-date is critical in ensuring the public is aware of the operating status of your business. It is also essential for local SEO, as it allows your business listing to appear in local search results for queries specific to your products or services.

This will also help the Town of Banff and our team at Banff & Lake Louise Tourism answer resident and future visitor questions. Google offers these simple instructions, but if you need more help, e-mail us at

May 1 | Customized ‘We’re Open’ signs available for businesses

The Town of Banff is providing free, customizable ‘We’re Open’ sign templates to support business in the townsite. There is a space to input contact information and directions on how customers can access the goods or services in a safe manner. The signs complement online communications, such as Google My Business.

To order a sign, email the Town of Banff with your logo, contact information and relevant messaging. The Town will create, print, and distribute the signs to businesses. Sample templates and messaging can be found at the template link above.

May 1 | Let people know you are open: update Google My Business

A helpful tip for Google My Business: if you are offering delivery or curbside pick-up, do not mark your business as temporarily closed. To update your dine-in service status to "Curbside pickup" or "No-contact delivery,” for example, you need to edit attributes under your Business Profile. This information will appear on your Business Profile on Google Search and Google Maps. Google has provided specific instructions for food businesses and retail.

April 20 | Free posters available for your business to notify customers

In order to keep the community and your customers informed of operational changes that COVID-19 may have had on your business, the Town of Banff has created a variety of posters, from “help prevent the spread” to event cancellations and more. In addition, you can access generic posters from the province.

April 15 | TripAdvisor - Implications of the pandemic on global tourism

In a webinar this morning, Preparing for What Comes Next, TripAdvisor and Tourism Economics shared the implications of the pandemic on the global travel industry and travellers’ current intents.

Just how hard has the global tourism industry been hit?

  • Tourism Economics is currently looking at a 39 per cent fall in travel because of COVID-19, the largest decline ever (assumes current restrictions on international travel will last approximately four months, until mid-July).
  • Domestic and short haul travel will be the first to return.

What is Tourism Economics forecasting for the industry?

  • Total eight month restriction period – easing off restrictions over the next four months.
  • Global outlooks are forecasting rapid growth in tourism in 2021.
  • Domestic travel will come back sooner (one to two years) vs international travel (two to five years for full recovery)

What are future travellers thinking about right now?

According to TripAdvisor, people are currently spending a lot of time planning future trips that are focused on nature, adventure and rejuvenation. People will be less enthused to go to places indoors or in enclosed spaces when they do travel.

“There’s excitement across all markets – all of them are planning or researching and many are spending up to five hours to plan,” said Shibani Walia, Associate Director of Research and Insights, TripAdvisor.

When will travellers start to travel again, and what will be their priorities?

According to TripAdvisor data:

  • 41 per cent say lifting stay at home orders and travel restrictions is the most important signal that things are ‘returning to normal.’
  • 43 per cent say they will be looking to relax and rejuvenate.
  • 38 per cent want to make memories with family and friends.
  • 33 per cent will be looking to escape from their daily routine.
  • Travellers are shifting to road trips or destinations that are a three to four hour plane ride away.
  • 70 per cent will be looking to plan and book in advance versus making a spontaneous decision.

TripAdvisor has resources for the following businesses:

TripAdvisor partners and accommodations
Tour and activity operators

We will share the webinar link when it becomes available. 

April 1 | Takeout & delivery services in Banff Townsite

The Town of Banff has compiled a list of restaurants and retailers in the community that are offering takeout and/or delivery services for residents. All businesses offering these services are encouraged to review the list for accuracy and update the Town of Banff by contacting or by filling out this form

March 24 | Health Inspector confirms all pools, gyms closed

Today, BLLHA confirmed the Public Health Inspector clarified, "All pools, including whirlpools/spas/hot tubs and hotel gym areas, are required to be closed.”

This is in response to confusion initially about whether they were 'private'. BHLLA has confirmed that all these areas need to close. This includes condo gym areas where guests enter with a fob or key card.

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