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One national park: three ways to fish

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Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing it’s not the fish they are after- Henry David Thoreau

From the peaks hidden in the clouds, to birds of prey soaring through Rocky Mountain valleys, down to the rivers, lakes, and creeks, Banff’s unique ecosystem is source of spiritual inspiration for us all. And for many of us, that’s exactly why we love fishing. Sure we enjoy the challenge, but it’s that desire to escape into the backcountry, to discover new landscapes, and feel alive that keeps bringing us back to the river. While beauty in nature can be found all over this beautiful planet, it’s amplified when fishing within Banff’s mountain walls. Here are three unique ways to raise your fishing game to an equally epic level. 

1.    By Helicopter

You’ve heard of heli-skiing and maybe even heli-hiking, but heli-fishing takes a weekend fishing trip to a whole new level. Literally. Hitch a ride with Rockies Heli Tours and they’ll deliver you and your rod to remote alpine lakes for a day out fishing in complete solitude. And even if your partner or friends aren’t big on fishing, no one is going to be disappointed with a helicopter trip to through one of the most breathtaking spots on earth. 

2.    The Old Fashioned Way 

Sure you can drive to a lake, or find a perfect spot on a walk along the river, but there’s nothing quite like enjoying the peace and serenity of the backcountry on horseback. Bring your fishing gear on a guided multi-day journey with Banff Trail Riders and you’ll mosey over to their comfortable permanent camp-sites with plenty of time to stop at whichever isolated alpine lake or stream you feel like the fish might be biting at. Everything’s included, just bring a change of clothes and your fishing gear. 

3.    On a Glacial Lake

Convenient to town, but definitely not compromising on beauty, Lake Minnewanka is also home to the perfect fishing trip for beginners and pros alike. Brewster Travel Canada offers short 3-hour tours on one of Banff’s most famous lakes. They’ll provide rods, reels, and tackle, giving you the time to focus on making sure your jaw doesn’t drop too far as soon as you leave the dock. With mountain peaks plummeting straight from the sky into the vibrant glacial-blue waters, a camera is just as important as a fishing license. 

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